Book Launch: Tricia Gosingtian 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Book Launch of one of the great fashion photographer and blogger Tricia Gosingtian. This is not the first time I have seen her, actually she did a talk for 2012 BDJ Fair. I really thought she was a very warm and somewhat shy girl that had a great eye for fashion and style.

I arrived a little past 2pm and Glorietta 1 of NBS is already packed with people excited to get their hands on Tricia’s Style Book. The event started around 3pm not because Tricia wasn’t there, she was there before 2pm with her parents and friends. Tricia looked so shy and very humble, as she gave short talk about her book.

Cupcakes by Sonja, were on display and I got to taste their yummy cupcakes.

Time Depot is also a sponsor and said they would give a new Casio watch to the person who post the best selfie of his/her Baby G and post it on Instagram.

Canmake is one of Tricia’s favorite Cosmetic’s brand and they also had a raffle for the audience to participate in.

20131118-232317.jpg Tricia promises that she did not repeat a single item in her book. So all the times she wore, like shoes, dress and accessories like a hat or a bag are unique on their own. Tricia is such a trooper. She signed almost 100 books, she never lost her smile and she was very willing to have her photo taken with her fans.

The cover reminds me of Lauren Conrad’s Beauty (this is just me😇).

I was in line for 2 hours and I was just number 37! You can tell the outpouring of support Tricia got from her fans that day. I love Tricia’s sense of fashion that reminds me a lot of the Japanese and Korean idols, quirky and very hip. A lot of girls in their teens to late 20s will definitely love the book.

Tricia Gosingtian: 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl
Price: 295php
Pages: 177
Publisher: Summit Books
Available at: All Leading Bookstores, Fibars and Book Sale Nationwide

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