Za Perfect Solution Skin Care (Anti-Aging) from Sampleroomph

I was so happy that I finally received these awesome Skin Care products from Za Cosmetics and Sampleroomph. I was planning on buying these but fortunately for me Sampleroomph has these. I quickly registered for VIP Membership because I wanted to experience the Intensive Triangle Technology.

Za Perfect Solution is a high performance anti-aging skincare line, which solve 3 main troubles of the women, age 25 to 35; “Firming”, “Translucence”, and “High Moisture”. There are 4 products from this line and I will be testing them all put exclusively for 2 weeks. While reviewing each one. 😍.

20131111-163620.jpgZa Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam
Size: 100g / 3.5oz
Price: 345php
With its resilient lather, this cleansing foam cleanses your skin into youthfully plump, firm skin.

Za Perfect Solution Toner
Size: 150ml/ 5 fl oz
This lotion addresses age- induced skin problems and achieves firm, glossy skin.

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer
Size: 125ml/ 4.2 fl oz
Price: 625php
This emulsion addresses age- induced skin problems and achieves firm, glossyskin. It features a fresh, dewy texture.

Za Perfect Solution Collagen Cream
Size: 40g
Price: 725php

The key to a youthful look is the skin condition at 3 parts of the face: eye area, mouth area, cheeks. This product offers a thorough solution to this problem and achieves firm, youthful skin with less visible wrinkles.
Improves firmness and VA palmitate reduces wrinkles.
Special ingredient for cream – Vitamin A (VA) palmitate transforms into retinol, thus reducing wrinkles.
※After the cream blends into the skin with Za’s unique technology, your will find a non-sticky, silky texture.

This products is something I have been waiting for ever since they re-launched Za Cosmetics recently with their True White Line and Cosmetics. The Hot Pink packaging is also part of the attraction.

This is my largest haul from Sampleroomph. I am so glad I waited for these Za items to become available before getting my VIP Membership.

Although I don’t fall in the 20s -30s category anymore (being in my mid-40). I do want to see how extensive this skincare line is and if it is suitable for women in my age range.

Za Cosmetics is also a beauty line has the Shiseido of Japan technology which for me is one of the best Skin care line in World. I am so excited to see the results.


Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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