Unboxing: Maybelline Express It: Scene Stealer BDJ October Box

I was so looking forward to getting my BDJ October Box. When some of the Bellas started showing their Unboxing photos on line I tried my best not to look thinking that I would be getting my box soon anyway and I can wait to be surprised but alas my box came waaay too late. For whatever reason, (I used to get my box first but some snafu occurred. ) I had to follow up 2 weeks after. Thanks to Rona of hello@bdj.com and Eds for looking at what happened to my box. Finally it is here!

With that said let us go to the unboxing.
I have always been a Maybelline girl. I used their press powder, lipstick and mascara to my first job interview some 25 years ago. So I was happy that the BDJ Box and Maybelline NY collaborated twice this year. See my BDJ May Box review.
Some of the stuff in the BDJ October Box is a repeat of the my BDJ May Box but all in all I am satisfied with it since there are 6 FULL SIZE items in this box.

In every BDJ Box has the inspirational stickers, a description of the contents of the box. Mine is Scene Stealer, a Maybelline gift card where you can get a free lip and eye make-up remover when you make a purchase at selected Mayelline Stores and a Maybelline Card.20131103-134854.jpg
Clear and Smooth BB Stick 8 in-One Skin Transformer
Price: 279php
When I hear the word transformer I think about the robots changing into vehicles it am curious to experience the change I my skin.20131109-165327.jpgClear and Smooth All In One Shine Free Foundation
Price: 249php I tried their smallest size and it was ok although I do wonder about their promise of shine free since I have very oily skin. This shade is also a tad lighter than the previous one I tried.

20131109-165502.jpg Baby Lips Runway Brights
Price: 89php
On days when I am too lazy to put on make-up just Sunblock and Maybelline lipgloss this is my perfect to go to item.

20131109-165525.jpgEye Studio Luminineye Shadow
Price: 599php
I still haven’t used the same item from my May BDJ Box, I rarely use eyeshadow and I am an eyeliner girl at heart. I will give this to a good friend who loves eye pallets.

Volum’Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Price: 449php
When I found out that my October box would be Maybelline I kept wishing that this cat eyes be included in my box. I have yet to try it out but I heard a lot of awesome things about it. Wish come true!

Blush Studio Blush ‘Em
Price: 379php
This is a a new product since I usually see the Cheeky Glow line from Maybelline. This is really cute.

I real like that the BDJ team prepared this unique box for the subscribers. Each box is different to suit our different styles. So what did you guys get in your BDJ Boxes?

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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