Review: FairyDrops Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type (Platinum Black)

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type Long & Curl in Platinum Black
Price: From my BDJ Elite Box : Girls Night Out 1,195php

Most of the instructions in the box were in Japanese with tiny English translation as you can see below.
*** 5 kinds of treatment Essence in Mascara
*** Fiber & Volume up Wax make Glossy Pine needle shaped lashes with Extra volume & long
*** Strong against humidity, water proof keeps lashes curl up all day long
*** Water proof against water, sweat, tears, ok for the ocean & pool No mess & smudges
*** Glossy Platinum Deep Black


Thus is the most curious mascara wand I have ever used. Pine needle shaped!
*** Comb eyelashes with eyelash brush an then curl lashes with lash curler ( I usually skip curling with a lash curler since I have naturally curly lashes although they are not as thick as when I was in my 20s).
*** Start from the roots and with zig zag motion move the wand upward to coat the lashes.
*** Remove with mascara remover, ( I usually use Bifesta Sebum Control Cleanser).

I didn’t have the long lashes I used to have when I was younger so I am glad I for the chance to try this much raved product that lengths the lashes but doesn’t weigh it down. My lashes were curled and thick, long and didn’t smudge. I know this because I am at the field most of the time and I walk a lot, and sweat and oil from my face usually smudge my mascara but the Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara stayed on and did not become runny. My only complaint about the product is that it’s too pricy! I am glad that this product is part of the BDJ Elite Box: Girls Night Out which is really a box that has value for money.

The BDJ Elite Box is available every two months for a limited time and is usually posted in the BDJ Box Facebook, you can just email The BDJ Team or Rona at to inquire.

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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