Loyalty Cards: Starbucks

I am rarely go to coffee shops, and when I do go it is usually for the Internet connection or the piece and quiet. One of my good friends informed me that The Starbucks Card is worth having.

The actual card is free but you have to load it up with 300php. I got mine while I was waiting for my daughter. I really like the look of this card.

I also found out that they have different designs for different seasons and counties which is very cool.
I used my card right away and ordered French toast and a Mocha Frapp.
I also suggest that you register you card as soon as you are able. I registered mine using my phone.
Some of the ready perks of the Starbucks Loyalty Card is a free slice of of cake on my birthday and a free Grande drink when you register on line.
I orders the Grand Stawberries and Cream Grand as my free drink for my online registration.

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

For details on the Starbuckscard.

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