Event: When Raffy and I Went to Play: Come Play with Goody

I was headed to the Manila International Book Fair at MOA at the weekend and completely forgot about the Come Play with Goody but then my BDJ Box Elite arrived and I got this invitation.

So last cloudy Saturday Raffy and I ventured to SM MOA which is not my favorite place in the world but hey two events in one venue seems two good to pass up.
We got to MOA Atrium a little past 11 AM and the event was set up and packed with people! Raffy headed straight to the Goody stuff. The awesome Quickstyle Paddle brush at 20% off. It is still pricy!
Donut Decoration from Go Nuts Donuts! We also got to taste some of the yummy spreads,
Gifts and Service from Fuji Film they let us look over some cameras and we get a souvenir photo. The cams and film are 5% off during the event. Raffy has her own Instanx Mini 8 and she was pretty happy to try out the Mini 25.
Game from Flipsters. It took Raffy 15 minutes to finish it lol
Make-up Brush Cleaning and gift from Nippon I event got myself a 5 minute touch up kit.
Met up with my BDJ Bellas. Mitzi, Rita, Criselda, & Jean
We also wrote on the statement board
br />20130916-211127.jpg
We didn’t get to experience everything in the invite not did we get to attend the talks since they were in the afternoons. Since we lost ourselves in the MIBF.
But We had fun and the freebies were awesome! Hope that Goody will come invite us to PLAY again. 🙋

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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