Review: Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Quad Core Tablet (White)

Gadget tragedy happened to my family last month. Raffy’s iPod 5 suddenly stopped working on the eve of her birthday and when I bought it to the Apple service center I was told that Apple will not replace products that are dented, even if it is still under warranty. 😱😩😤. Raffy worked so hard to buy this and now this?!

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25 Responses to Review: Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Quad Core Tablet (White)

  1. raian says:

    Hi there! is there any way that i can charge the battery when it became drained? i can’t turn-on my cherry mobile tablet fusion bolt. please help. thanks in advance!

    • Hi, I was told by the Cherry Mobile staff that you have to make it a point not to drain the battery to zero. Apparently there are cases that you can’t turn the Fusion Bolt anymore when this happens. I suggest you take your unit to the nearest Cherry Mobile Service Center. I know there is one at SM North EDSA Annex. Have it checked out to be safe. It would be better if it is under warranty. Hope this helps.

  2. miyuki says:

    hi!should i charge my tablet shut down(turnedoff) or just asleep?whats best?

    • I usually charge it on sleep mode coz I had a scare once, when I just couldn’t turn it on anymore and had to have the staff from the shop turn it on for me. There was nothing wrong with it but for my own piece if mind I usually turn it off when I need to reset it and it has ample charge to start with. This is just me.

    • I usually charge my Fusion bolt at 15% and at sleep mode. I don’t turn it off since I had a scare once when I couldn’t turn it on and bought it to the cherry mobile kiosk where I purchased it. The customer assistant helped me turn it back on and he charged it up to 20%. This is just me being praning.

  3. justin says:

    I overcharge my fusionBolt about 12 hours then my battery was weak and it drains faster

  4. kerse says:

    hi how can i replace the battery of my bolt.?

  5. hi, something wrong with my fusion bolt, it suddenly dropped to 0% battery, even if I charged it for an hour still nothing change. but it still working when charged. do you think it still in be in warranty?

    • I was told by the Cherry Mobile people that an item has a 1 year service warranty. If you are having problems with your Fusion Bolt it is best to go to a official service center.

  6. herwig mayer says:

    Well a lot of things said and I do not agree. I use mine a lot while charging it. Yes its getting a bit hot but not more than other Phones or tablets. I run my battery mostly down to 0. Before you switch it back on just charge it a bit and it will turn on. Ok Battery life is not the one I was used from my Asus TF100 15 hours using it when connected to the keypad and 9 without. The best tablet I had so far (aside from 2 Samsung 7″, Nexus 7″ 1 and 2, Nexus 10″, no name 7″. I love those things and they make life so much easier and nicer. Oh this is my second Fusion Bolt. the first got stolen. Yup the cameras are crap, but OTG is a hit!!! it even works with my 500GB external HD. WiFi could be a bit better. Other than that its a great gadget for the price. Imagine you can buy almost 4 of these things for one mini ipad. And this is why I ask you who needs overpriced Apple.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. You are right in some points. The thing about the Fusion Bolt is I feel it is not as durable as the more expensive brands. I use it everyday and I charge it every other day and it still had problems. I had my IPad 2 for several years and it is still in grey working condition. While the bolt needed repair after less than 5 months. As it is you get what you pay for.

      • herwig mayer says:

        Thanks for your reply. Well at least you use an Android device now that’s a big step forward, hehehe – joking. I think you can not compare the CM Fusion and an iPad, its just a different league. But you can do so much with it and share, copy to a stick, get data, etc. from a USB, watch videos a friend gave to you plus plus. The only thing the pad does better is in the pic and music departments. And look at the prices of the apps, many are for free. Next time chose the nexus 7 1st gen. Its now just double the price of the CM Fusion get a OTG cable and have loads of fun.

  7. tzasuy says:

    how to reboot cherry a9?

  8. iris says:

    may problema ako sa wifi na disconnect sya pagnaka sleep mode sya? Tapos pag inopen ko later on nag on n wifi.. kaya tuloy di mag tuloy ang download nya… ganun din b sa inyo pls replay tnx

    • I know you can program the Bolt so that it won’t go into sleep mode. So I usually have it connected to a charger when I download. Yes my wifi turns off during sleep mode too.

      Have to make it clear that I am no expert in techie stuff. I try to use my Bolt in the fullest capacity.

    • jc says:

      go to settings tap wifi and tap when to turn off wifi on the options menu.. select don’t turn off wifi when screen turns off.. 🙂 hope this helps 😉

  9. itimalupet says:

    hey . i have a problem with my fusion bolt . it won’t power up unless you connect the charger on it. it’s just like a laptop without battery . do you think it has trouble with battery ?

    • That is possible or it could be that that there is something wrong with the mother board. Bring it to the service center so they can look at it. If under warranty they check it for free but if not, you will have to pay a fee.

  10. sofhia manzano says:

    hi there! can cherry mobile fusion bolt change battery… because.. very fast battery low.

    • Hi Sofhia, If you are having problems with your battery it is better to have it checked by the official service center, there is CM service center located at SM North EDSA Annex. If your Fusion Bolt is still under warranty they will replace the defective battery if not, they can still replace the battery for a fee.

  11. Fubo says:

    Hi just bought this tab yesterday, its seems that everything works fine but the problem is, pag naka charge sya either USB/plug dmo sya mgagamit ng matino, masyadong sensitive at kung saan saan sya nag cliclick. thanks

    • If it still under waranty have it looked it by the service center. Check up will be free and you can still exchange it for a new one. (Within 7 days I think). Or you can adjust the touch pad sensitivity on your unit if that will help.

    • riku says:

      ang prob dyn eh yyng mismong charger… nagghost touch yn dhl s charger. try mo icharge yan s ibang charger with same output. ok n yan

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