Review: Affordable & Yummy Korean Fare MR RAMYUN

20120222-093433 AM.jpg
Menu flier of Mr. Ramyun Anonas Branch for 2012 and the prices have been adjusted slightly
I am not an adventurous eater. I don’t enjoy trying new cuisine mainly because I like the tried and tested comfort foods…pasta, pizza and tacos. Since I got into my Korean kick meaning I have great love for the awesome dramas and music of South Korea hence I decided to try some of the Korean food I always see on the dramas.

I could never find a convenient Korean diner to try. Fortunately last year, I spotted a newly opened Korean Ramen shop and convenience store or Convi near the place I usually pass as I catch a ride home. It’s called Mr. Ramyun according to the servers their original branch is in Baguio City.

* Appetizers

O-deng, this is what I usually see in Korean dramas sold in street carts. It’s fish sticks similar to fish balls but dipped in a tasty broth. I first saw this in a Boys Over Flowers Korean Version being snacked on by Gu Jun Pyo

Toppoki. Fish and Rice cake, reminds me of kikiam somewhat spicy but very tasty.

* Rice Set Meals

20120222-094815 AM.jpg
Samgyupsal Combo with extra Kimchi
I am as iffy about trying out the new food like I said so I tried the liempo type meal. Or Samgyupsal Combo. The combo comes with thinly sliced pork belly almost like bacon but not, a cup of rice (very soft sticky tasty rice) a bit of kimchi, soy sauce and chili paste. Although I like my meal to be a full experience with a lot of smells and a beautiful plate, the Samgyupsal hardly had scent but everything was yummy. I thought the kimchi tasted spicey at first but after a few tries, I couldn’t have a meal at Mr. Ramyun without extra Kimchi!

20120227-104407 PM.jpg
Pork Dunkatsu Meal
This meal is like pork chop cut finely. Sooo crunchy.

Beef Bulgogi, a small portion but very yummy. Comes of course with kimchi

20120314-013604 PM.jpg
Rice Ball Meal,Comes with soup I saw a girl order a Meal with seaweed and rice. I got curious. It turns out, it was a Rice Ball Meal. I ordered this meal with fried dumplings. The Rice Ball Meal was had seaweed, kimchi inside and it was coated in seaweed. I like this meal because on it’s own it’s complete and vegetarian.

Kimchi Fried Rice Comes with an egg with sprinkles of sesame seeds

* Noodles / Ramyun

The Crab Ramyun I made a mistake of ordering a spicy ramyun, and when they say spicy I mean reaaallly spicy! I had to drink a lot of soda during the meal but it was so tastely. I comes in mild too.

20120314-124339 PM.jpg
Udong with egg and the dumplings I love how firm and tasty the noodles are.

* Side Dishes

20120314-014606 PM.jpg
Dumplings half order
My children loves these dumplings. It’s vegetarian. You can order half order means 4pcs. Whole order 8 pcs. at 85php or so.
20130421-230510.jpg Mr. Kimbab, it’s like a small complete meal. Tuna, carrots, sesame seed, mango,and rice wrapped in seaweed
20120314-020026 PM.jpg
Kimchi addional at 10php.
I usually have my meals with additional Kimchi and I also buy kimchi to take home.

* Dessert

20120314-011306 PM.jpg

Ice Cream Yumminess in a stick at 32php. This stick reminds me of the old pinipig crunch but this ice cream is coated with peanuts. The best part is when you bite into it, there is chocolate inside. To be honest it taste better than Magnum!

Waffle Ice Cream shaped like a fish with red bean paste inside 45php. This is my favorite dessert.

20120314-125539 PM.jpg
I first heard of Peppero when I went to purchase stuff at Étude House, they gave it for free. It is like a pretzel only it’s coated with chocolate and almonds. It cost 47php at Mr. Ramyun. A lot of people would say it’s pricy but I checked some of the ones sold at the mall.
You may noticed I have sampled almost all the shop’s dishes over the year. All of which are quite tasty. And I haven’t even talked about the Convi or convenience store part of Mr Ramyun, where they sold Ramyun, Kimchi Packs and Soju. I have dinning here. The meals are reasonably priced. The place has two floors and very specious. Open from 9am – 10pm, Everyday. Most, if not all the staff here are male. I have no idea why but the taste of the food remains the same. So if you are in the Pampanga, Baguio, Bulacan or QC area and feel like having something different go to a Mr. Ramyun and discover a taste for Korean Dishes. I know I did.

Until next time! Muah – joeydragonlady 🐉

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