Review: Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks

I was so happy to discover that the Sample Room has the Colour Collection from the Tupperware brand as part of the samples they are offering. I have always been a lippie girl and aside from eyeliner lipsticks are a favorite of mine. Sampleroom offered 3 variants of this Colour Collection but they were going like J.Co donuts and I only got the chance to grab 2 of them. the Satin Red Wine and Matte Kiss mark

Color Collection Vitamin E Satin (Red Wine)
Full Size: 4g
Price: 330php

I love this lipstick. I didn’t really feel it was satin at all. It looked very matte. I have this image of the very classic Hollywood Vixen when I wear this shade. My husband didn’t like the shade on me and said I looked very pale wearing it, almost Dracula’s bride. Personally I liked the whole sexy vixen look on me. It last a long time. I had a nice meal and I still have traces of the lipstick on me.

Face of the Day

Colour Collection Vitamin E Matte (Kiss mark)
Full Size: 4g
Price: 330php

This shades reminds me a lot of MAC Candy Yum Yum. Bright, Bubbly and youthful. I loved that this shade catches people’s eye. I usually give out a “sweet” vibe when I wear it. It is also long lasting.

A little tip for a smoother look is to exfoliate your lips with LipScrub before applying.

Face of the Day

Until next time! – joeydragonlady🐉

Wearing Satin Red Wine

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