Unboxing: SM & Watsons Beauty Box

I was counting the days until I get to see this box. The SM & Watsons Beauty Box, a lot of buzz from the beauty bloggers/vloggers about this box. Priced at 799php (more or less 800php) but contains items of more than 4,000php! Today August 01, is the first day this became available at selected SM Beauty Sections.

When I got to SM North EDSA, I found the box quickly enough since it was smack in the middle of the Beauty section and easy to spot. I lifted the box pretty heavy and the box itself sturdy like the old fashioned dress boxes my Mom used own. Pretty to store keepsakes after I empty the contents.

Here is a side by side comparison of two beauty boxes, Salad Box and BDJ Beauty Box. This Pink Box is enormous! It also weighed at least 2kilos, I lugged this box so I know.

My box contains:


Palty Hair Color in Namachoco Waffle I have been using Étude House Bubble Hair Color for years, So I am so looking forward to trying this out, hope it would be a darker shade than what I am using now.
Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement for Light and Bouncy Waves (Revitalizing Milk fore Permed Hair) I got something like this from my BDJ Box but it was for straight hair. I am happy that I chanced upon a box with has this for my curly hair.
Opal Virgin Coconut plus Aloe Vera Hot Oil Cream Conditioner My daughter who has straight hair said she called dibs on this. Lol
Nanny Rose’s Gugo and Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo I never tried Gugo before but I did try the Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and my became buhaghag. I will be giving this to my Dad.
Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Coat

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo I checked price of this item and I found out it cost around 1,500php!!! This item alone is worth more than the entire box! Buy the box now! I am a fan of Olay beauty bar but I found that their skincare products not suitable for my oily skin, Olay is a top brand and I have high hopes for this item.
Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues (Lavender Extract) I usually use an Oil-free cleansers to remove my make-up. but it would be great when I travel.
Purederm Snail Cell Illuminating Multi-Step Treatment Mask Snail! This would be better than actual snails. Will be reviewing this!
Quick Fix Eyelift Cream, Tinted Moisturizer, No-shine Mattifier and Pimple Eraser Curious about these.
Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Rising Star My BFF would love this gloss

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask I love foot mask! I use one once a month to keep my feet feeling baby soft.
Beyond Care Skin Moisturizing Lotion in Moonlight Breeze and Carribean Escape
Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder My son is very active. This is perfect for him. Yay!
EVAS Vitamin Hand Cream in Lemon Flavour Not really a hand cream person, maybe because I am more a hand sanitizer person. Giving this to my BBF
Skinclens Gentle Skin Cleanser I have been using Physiogel Cleanser, this reminds me of this. handy size.
Flormar Magnetic Twist Nail Enamel This is promising. I love the glitter!

Fine Hyaluron and Collagen (Milk Flavor Powder)
Fine Metabo Coffee Not really a coffee person but it have great properties for good health.

For the price of a little less than 800php I’d say this hefty box is worth it. Most of the brands are unknown but isn’t that what a beauty box is for? To introduce new brands to consumers? The same. Brands are in all the boxes although like the BDJ BOX the variants of some items ( the hair color and the Lucido-L may vary from box to box). If this box becomes a hit I am sure SM will continue this luring unsuspecting beauty product hunger ladies like us in purchasing or subscribing.

A little tip for those getting this box and commuting. I’d bring a large bag and oh, a strong dude to carry it home.

You can get your own SM Beauty Box at the beauty section of SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA for a limited run.

My favorite stuff from the SM Beauty Box!

***This is a personal review not sponsored by SM since I bought the box myself 😝

Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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5 Responses to Unboxing: SM & Watsons Beauty Box

  1. I am so excited to use the contents of my box, too! 🙂

  2. waaaaah! just saw this… meron pa kaya sa sm nito ngayon? T_T

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