Review: Nature Republic Herb Dressing White Honey Cleansing Water

***this is a personal review and not sponsored by Nature Republic

I was at the recent opening of the Nature Republic Sta. Lucia East Mall branch a few weeks ago, I found this Water based cleanser that I got very exited about. it didn’t hurt that they had a 10% discount plus with my 20% NR card a total of 30% discount the in the opening day too.

Herb Dressing White Honey Cleansing Water
Full Size: 200ml / 6.76 fl oz
Price: 295php / 206.50php with the discount πŸ˜‰

Happily the instructions are in both Korean and English.

The cleansing water cleanses make-up and impurities without leaving a sticky residue behind. It makes dull complexion brighter with acacia and eucalyptus extract.

The dispenser

Dispense appropriate amount to a cotton pad ( I usually use 3 pumps and the cotton pad is soaked). Apply to the entire face gently starting with the center an outward (I usually start from my forehead down to my chin) careful not to get anything in the eyes. Stop using if irritation and rashes appear.

The consistence is like water. This is perfect for oily and combination skin like me!
*** Water based
*** gentle on my skin
*** natural ingredients
*** doesn’t leave an oily sticky feeling
*** I didn’t break out in rashes
*** It removes all my make-up even my waterproof mascara and eyeliner
*** it is more affordable than the other water based cleansers.

*** the scent is too overwhelming, I wish they have a product with a lighter scent

I like this product a lot. I would really enjoy it better if it didn’t have the overwhelming perfume scent. I would finish the bottle and try the other Nature Republic water based variety.


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Muah! – JoeydragonladyπŸ‰

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