Review: Zenutrients Tea Tree Deo Lotion Spray

Zenutrient Tea Tree Deo Lotion Spray
Full size and Price: Deo Spray:
1. 50ml: P249.95
2. 100ml: P275.00
1. 50ml: 249.95
1. Tea Tree
2. Tea Tree & Rosemary
3. Tea Tree, Lemon & Chamomile

Such an interesting product. I usually use a commercial brand for my deodorant this is a welcome surprise. I am so happy that talented Pinoys are getting into developing all natural products now a days. I love trying nature based products that are developed and conceptualized by Filipinos. We just know the need and wants of our target market. Take for example this product.

The Product promises:
Neutralize body odor and provide effective, long-lasting deodorant protection while leaving skin cool with nature’s antiseptic: Tea Tree Oil. This ingredient is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil, so it’s used for the treatment of odor, dandruff and acne as well.

Spray onto underarms after cleansing, let it cool and dry a bit before dressing. This deodorant spray is safe to use for pregnant women. If you suffer from excessive sweat on hands and feet, it can be used on those areas as well. Do not apply to broken skin. If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use.

*** uses natural ingredients
*** I am a fan of tea tree
*** kept me dry all day ( I walk around outside a lot so
It performs great in those conditions)
*** kept me feeling fresh for more than 8 hours
*** locally made!
*** watery
*** a bit messy to apply
*** sometimes the spray gets stuck

I got this product from the Sampleroomph. It is a bit messy to use. I would have liked to sample the roll on instead but it does what it says and keeps me odor free and dry all day.

To learn more about the Zenutrients:


To get samples from the Sampleroom:

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