Review: Missha Essence Sheet Mask (Honey) with TVXQ

Missha Essence Sheet Mask Honey (TVXQ 3D)
Full Size: 20g
Price: 150php
Good for one use only.

This is my first experience using a mask from Missha. I have been using mask sheets from Étude House and Nature Republic for the past year and I found them helpful in rejuvenating my tired and aging skin. This is from my ill fated Missha Box from Salad Box see my review here
. This is my 2nd product review on the Missha Brand. I must mention that I am not really a fan of the TVXQ boys but of their former band mates JYJ. So I am not all swoony about them endorsing Missha. (Lol)

You notice that it is not really that big a sheet mask unlike the others I’ve used. Actually this mask fits me just right.

The product promises to:
Make fatigued skin firm, glowing, moisturized by this refreshing mask enriched with honey an milk.
1. After washing the face, prepare skin with toner.
2. Unfold sheet and apply to face lowering the eye sheet down to cover.
3. leave on for 15-20 minutes the remove mask.
4. Pat left over essence to be fully absorbed.

It fits pretty well and when I opened the pack the essence mask was not dripping wet but damp enough.

*** very lightly scented and the scent not irritating to the nose. smells like like talc.
*** Cools the skin once applied instantly I felt refreshed
*** my face felt very tight after using it but not so right that it would be irritating
***my skin felts smooth the the touch

*** against animal testing (yay!)
*** is worth 3x the other Korean brands.
*** my face felt a bit itchy after use
I have pretty strange skin really. Sometime I break out in hivers and pantal for no reason. My friends call it chaotic skin, I am pretty picky about the skin products I use. If you have normal to dry skin this product is definitely for you. Although it is pricier that the other brands it delivers what it promises to a certain degree. As for me I don’t think I will repurchase again.


To know more about Missha Cosmetics:

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