Review: Missha Rose Water Skin Care

Missha Rose Water Skin Care Controlling Serum
Size: 1.3 FL OZ/ 40ml Deluxe Size
Price: Came with my Missha Box from Salad Box. Full Size: 50ml 750php For Oily and Combination Skin

Against Animal Testing

I got my Missha Box last week and the first item I was very happy about is this Missha Controlling Serum. Missha products have a great reputation for top notched facial care products. Another plus about this is it is against animal testing assurance.

The container has this interesting dispenser. you just press down and you get just enough serum to use. Very sanitary and economical too.

Directions: After using the toner, apply all over the face and neck in the morning and evening for best results.

Rose water skin care is absorbed rapidly and deeply into the skin. It leaves the skin moist and radiant, improving the elasticity in the skin. The elegant rose fragrance has a calm and soothing effect leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

*** it smells heavenly as I applied to my face
*** very soothing as I applied it on my face and my face feels soft and smooth
*** easily absorbed
*** only need a small amount to cover my face and neck
*** did not clog my pores
*** My face did not break out (yay!)
*** against animal testing
*** my face feels moisturized and not sticky.

*** I can’t seem to see the oil control effect of this product since my skin is just as oily ( based on the blue oil control film I have been using).

My skin felt and looked better after using this for 3 straight days. I would probably repurchase a larger bottle. I know there is a Missha Rosé Water Skin Care line that would be interesting to try out.

To know more about Missha Cosmetics:

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