Review: Lip Scrubs Ellana LipScrub in Pink Grapefruit and Nature Republic Mango Bebe Lip Scrub

Don’t you just hate it when your lips are uber dry and they start to peel? This happens to me all the time. My lipstick never look right with peeling lips. I usually do the old fashion method and use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate my dry and cracked lips, which leaves my lips very dry afterwards. Imagine my relief when I found these two Lip Scrubs available commercially.

Ellana LipScrub and Nature Republic Mango Bebe Lip Scrub

Ellana Lip Scrub has sugar granules and pink grapefruit and Shea butter. While Nature Republic has micro beads and a mango- vanilla cream.

Ellana LipScrub (Pink Grapefruit
Size: 25g
Price: 200php
Manufactured: Proudly Philippine made

The Ellana Lip Scrub tasted like sugar and oil. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea & Murumuru Butter as part of the ingredients. It is all natural, it is edible, When wiped off or rises off there is a slight gloss left.
the first time using this tend to be a tad messy, a tip when using, take out just a little bit. Also there is a tendency to attract ants.๐Ÿ˜Œ Over all it is a great product to exfoliate the lips gently and it is non- toxic and edible too.

Nature Republic Mango Bebe Lip Scrub
Size: 10ml (Full Size)
Price: 235php
Manufactured:Made in Korea

This lip scrub comes in a squeeze tube which I love coz you can control how much of it you need. The beads are very fine and I can hardly feel then as I exfoliate. It is very gentle on the lips. It smells wonderful with the mixture of Mango and Vanilla. When I first used it on my flaking lips I felt such relief after that I discovered such a useful product to help my lips feel smooth an silky. This is my 3rd tube of Nature Republic’s Mango Bebe Lip Scrub.

How often should one, exfoliate the lips? I suggest you do this at least once a week and use a lip treatment after to keep lips moist and soft after exfoliation.

Over all I love both products. They are both affordable and commercially available. With very little price difference too. I would of course repurchase both products to have variety in my lip scrubs. ๐Ÿ˜˜

To check out cosmetics by Ellana:

To check out Skin Care products by Nature Republic:

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