Review: Hayan Slim Lipstick #L209, L213 & L212

***This is a personal review and not sponsored***

This week I made a fine discovery of Hayan Korea Cosmetics. I had a pretty good haul of reasonably priced cosmetics and tools. Now I get to review their Slim Lipstick. I bought 3 of them in different shades. They have no actual names just serial numbers.

All the Slim Lipsticks come in a box.

The Box has writing in both Korean and English.
The vibrant shades stay true for hours with the conditioning formula of lip gloss The unique formulation allows it to adhere to the lips for flawless long lasting wear. The sleek texture provides natural color and feather proof coverage for a satin soft professional finish

Hayan Slim Lipstick
Shades: L212, L213, L209
Size: 1.4g / 0.05oz
Price: 280php 196php (sale price)

The Hayan Korea has a variety of shades to choose from. Which is pretty cool. My favorite will always be the dark pink (L213) which is one of this season’s shade.

*** comes in different shades
*** semi- matte finish
*** long lasting (5 hours so far without eating)
*** doesn’t wash off with just water.
*** affordable (for the moment)

*** has a strong waxy smell
*** available only at Hayan Korea counters
***not as pigmented as I would want

I would have liked it if the lipstick glided into my lips easily and if the lipstick lose it’s waxy scent and texture. If they returned the lipstick back to their original price I would not repurchase again. They should stick to this price (lol).


To check out Hayan Korea:

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