Hayan Korea: An Affordable Alternative to the Korean Cosmetic Craze

I saw an interesting cosmetic counter a few days ago called Hayan Korea. I was curious but I never found the change to browse at the curious and colorful items on the counter.

Located at the Ground floor of SM Masinag in the City of Antipolo, it was not an established brand like Étude House or the FaceShop to merit it’s own boutique at least not yet. I was informed that Hayan also had a branch at Starmall and Robinson’s Metro East.
Hayan Korea has been in the Philippines since last year and they offer high quality Korean cosmetics at a reasonable price.

It was this Almoner Make-up bag
Price: 700php (Set)
It caught my eye at the Hayan counter. Just looking at this make-up bag you can tell it is of good quality. It is made of cloth material and looks expensive. It has two compartments with interesting pockets.

Pretty cool! I will be using this in my travels or when I need to do make-up for my daughter’s events.

These 8pc brushes came with the Make-up bag. You can buy just the Almoner long brushes for 500php a set but no bag comes with it. I suggest you get the set with the Make-up bag. 👍 The Make-up bag comes with:

5 pcs EGF Mask Sheet for Women of different variants
Size: 25g

5pcs Hayan Perfect Skin Cover BB Cream (minimi)

Hayan Oat & Olive Moisture Body Lotion
Size: 300ml

Hayan Oat & Olive Moisture Skin+Essence
Size: 100ml

Gold Caviar BB Cream
Size: 50ml/ 1.66 fl oz

For the price, and the quality of the make-up bag and brush makes Hayan brand reasonably priced in comparison to all the other known Korean Cosmetic brands in the Philippines. They currently have a 30% sale in all items in SM Masinag, so everything is on discount! Yay! So this is why I bought this:

Hayan Slim Lipstick in Dark Pink
Price: 280php 196phpnow
This color is trendy and I suppose I would buy 2 more Slim Lipsticks in other shades because I liked it a lot.

I would be doing reviews of products from this brand. I searched on line to see if there were reviews about Hayan and there were very few. It would be interesting to find out how this brand would fare against well known and celebrity endorsed brands like Étude House, Nature Republic and FaceShop.

To check out Hayan Korea: facebook.com/hayankorea

Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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7 Responses to Hayan Korea: An Affordable Alternative to the Korean Cosmetic Craze

  1. Yuleen Anatan says:

    hi is their lipstick matte finish or not? =) m planning to purchase online but i want to know other reviews/opinions for their products Here’s my twitter if you can advise please. Thanks
    @aulinnie – twitter

  2. hi ms. joey 🙂 san branch po kayo ng hayan bumili ng make-up bag? i wonder if it’s still available in sm san lazaro..thanks!!

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