Review: Avon’s Ultra Moisture Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red #0400

Avon Ultra Moisture Vitaluscious Lipstick
Shade: Reviving Red #0400
Size: 3.6g (Full Size)
Cost: 299php
The rich full colored lipstick has nourishing vitamins to hydrate and soothe the lips.

I had misgivings when I saw the color of this lipstick in my June BDJ Box. Can I get away wearing in this shade?

I confess, I love lippies a lot. I try to control my impulse to by a new shade every month. I was very happy to get any lip product in my BDJ Box 😍

What I loved about it:
*** glides on to the lips
*** I love the shade
*** my lips don’t feel dry while using
*** contains vitamins
*** long lasting

Will get the same shade again and look at other Avon shades as well!

Nothing makes a woman look sexier (without showing skin) than red lipstick
Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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