Missha Box from Salad Box Unboxing

Finally after like months of waiting I finally received my much awaited Missha Box from Salad Box.

As all those who follow my ranting maybe aware I am a faithful subscriber of the BDJ Box and a fan of the Belle de Jour Power Planner (and all their events). I subscribed to Salad Box because I was curious about the Missha brand. A lot of beauty bloggers have certified the Missha BB cream as one of the best they tried in the Korean Cosmetic brands. I wanted to try the Missha cosmetics myself.

I was waiting for this box since the start of May since Salad Box mentioned that it is to be their “May” box. I ordered and paid for the Missha Box around April and the box cost 800php.

But alas I was sorely disappointed. The Salad Box’s usual practice is to send their boxes at the end of the scheduled month. Considering that the box was called May box I would have expected it to be sent and arrive within the said month. Granted the said box was send out as per their schedule end of May, it arrived June 18. My BDJ box arrived way before the Missha box. I would not have been miffed if I was informed beforehand that it was expected Mid-June. I send an email to them and to be fair they replied. It would have been better if they posted something in their Facebook page so the subscribers would know that their boxes are still in transit since that would be the considerate thing to do right?

20130618-213849.jpgThis photo is the Missha Box I expected because they posted it in their Salad Box Facebook account. Spot the difference? Yeah, you can tell that the published box was NOT the one sent to me. I was so looking forward to sampling their M Perfect Cover BB Cream! Total fail!

20130618-215519.jpg Missha TVXQ 3D Essence Sheet Mask in Milk & Honey Size: 20g (Full Size)
Price: 150php

20130618-220615.jpg Rose Water Controlling Serum Size: 1.35fl oz/ 40ml (Mid Size) Price: 750php (for a 50ml Full Size)

20130618-221202.jpg Mobile Lip Gloss Size: 3g (Full Size)
Price: 450php

20130618-221800.jpg Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Size: Sample size (850php for 200ml Full Size)

20130618-222113.jpg Super Aqua Cell Renew BB Cream
Size: Sample Size ( 2,100php for 50ml)

Near Skin Firming Peptide Extra Vital Toner
Size: Sample Size ( 50ml for 1,650php)

MISA Cho Bo Yang Emulsion
Size: Sample Size ( 1,650php for 50ml)

I am perfectly happy to try all the Missha products for the first time. Will be doing a review on most of the items but I am none to happy about the delay in the delivery of my box or the false ad the Salad Box posted on Facebook on what to expect in the Missha box. For practicality sake I started computing the cost of the contents of the box and the amount I actually paid for and somehow I expected more value for my money. With that thought in mind I decided I won’t be subscribing to Salad Box again. Just not worth it.

To know more about Missha Cosmetics: facebook.com/misshaph

Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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5 Responses to Missha Box from Salad Box Unboxing

  1. M says:

    Considering you paid more, I understand that you received better samples than I did but I really felt I was ripped off. The May box was my 1st purchase and I am very disappointed!
    I only got about P350 worth of products when I paid for P500—and they were mostly 1ml sachet! Hmmpf!
    I’ll never order from Salad box again!


    • Hello M. Thanks for reading my blog.

      Yeah, that was hi-way robbery! And it takes them more than a month to actually shop the items. That is why I prefer the BDJ Box. All the items in the bis are the same based in their Unboxing photos. Salad Box will fold eventually because of this practice. The reason why we get the Beauty Boxes is because we want to sample the products before we buy the full size items. Salad Box people promised items in their FBI page that they did not give out. Cheating us, their clients.

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