The Science of Beauty: BDJ June Box Unboxing

I was out watching Man of Steel with my kids and this was waiting for me when I got home. My June BDJ Box! ❤💜💗

The BDJ June Box not as full packed as the previous box but still interesting.

The L’Oreal Paris line contains the Fall Repair 3x Hair Shampoo 70ml, Fall Repair 3x Conditioner 70ml, and the newly released Fall Repair Hair Tonic 90ml (Full Size) I am pretty happy to try these, specially the new released Anti-hair Fall Tonic since I get the feeling as I age, my hair has been getting thinner.

Physiogel Hypo-Allergenic Intensive Cream 50ml (Full Size) I have been a fan of Physiogel since I attended the BDJ Beauty Social. I have been using their products consistently for the past few months.

Avon’s Vitaluscious Lipstick 3.6g (Full Size)
I will end up wearing this to work. And I will be doing a review as well. I am such lippy freak.

Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyelier + Brightener 2.4g (Full Size) This is the item I am most excited about in the box. I do wonder if I can get away with using this in the daytime at work… Wait and read my review.

This is new skincare product that I haven’t encountered before. Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser and C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment both in sample size. Since I am at an age where I need to take care of my skin more I like their tag line The Secret to Timeless Skin.

Over all I am pretty happy about the BDJ June Box, mainly because for the first time since I subscribed I get to use all the items in the box! Yay! What a review rich June this will be.

Until next time,

Muah! – Joeydragonlady🐉

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