Review/Rant: Classic PowerBank 12000mah in Purple

I was pretty miffed when I discovered that the MiLi Shine (4000) I bought early this year for 3200php it was even on Sale then, doesn’t charge an IPad to a full cycle. At first I thought something must be wrong with my MiLi powerbank and I should have it replaced. The people at MiLi were not helpful. I was annoyed that they never even bothered to send me a reply to 2 of my e-mails! I promised myself I would never again buy an item from the MiLi brand.

It was last month that I spotted various on-line sellers selling another powerbank. This one is from China and before you make any remarks about boycotting the Chinese, Taiwanese, & Malaysian products because of territorial issues, let me just say that is a topic for another day. The powerbank is called plainly PowerBank. Pretty generic but based on reviews from people who bought the said item, they are pleased with it’s performance.

The PowerBank comes with the PoweBank unit, a DC 3.5 Switch Cable, 8 clip attachments for Samsung, Apple, Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia, Micro USB, Mini USB, PSP and a Operational Guidelines. It does not come with a wall adaptor but you can use your iPhone charger to charge the PowerBank or charge it to your laptop. Capacity: 12,000mAh Cost: 1500php plus 60php shipping fee.

Here is a side by side comparison of PowerBank, MiLi Shine and MiLi Crystal. As you can see the PoweBank is thicker, bulkier and weighs a lot! The MiLi Shine is thinner, lighter but longer.

I have to point out that I was really pleased with the MiLi Crystal since it charges not only my iPod Touch 4 but also my Blackberry Curve and Nokia. The iPod to full batt and with some energy to spear for my BB! The reason why I got the MiLi Shine in the first place is to charge my iPad 2. I was told by the seller at SM North that it would charge an iPad to a full cycle but alas it it not even charge to 50%! And for the price I paid for it even when it was on sale was hi-way robbery!

In terms of their specs the MiLi and the Powerbank has almost the same specs.
2 ports with 5v 1A and 5v 2.1A. They also has a micro USB port to use to charge the unit.

This is the product specification on the operational guide.

The top button of the PowerBank has a level indicator button when lightly pressed will show you the battery level of the PowerBank 5 lights shown means full charged. Based on my personal experience charging a drained PowerBank takes around 12-16hours.

The lamp is the indicator of the battery life left of the charger.

I was initially interested in the 20,000mah PowerBank because I was told it would be the best charger for an iPad 2. But I decided on this one since it is in the perfect color I like. I am currently trying this out on my iPhone and maybe simultaneous charging with my iPad. Although I am now aware because the sellers have informed me properly (unlike the clerk that sold me the MiLi that assured me it can’t charge my iPad a full cycle) that if I wanted to fully charge my iPad and have some energy left in the charger to charge another gadget I needed the full capacity of 20,000mAh. But since I don’t leave the house without charging my iPad to full capacity, an emergency power pack like 12,000mAh would be ok. I hope it does not disappoint like the MiLi Shine. So far this brand is not available in stores but on-line. It comes in fun colors and power capacity as large as 20,000mAh.

I am not very happy about this particular PowerBank. It annoys me to no end that the MiLi 4400mAh can charge my iPhone 2x and the PowerBank 12000mAh only 1 1/2x! Such a large difference right! Not to mention the PowerBank is supposed to be charged initially this according to the seller for 10-12 hours, the power indicator says says full charge by 5 hours! WTF?! Right! I guess this will be a lesson to me not to purchase non-branded power chargers from on-line sellers. I bought the thing on-line and the seller I paid via bank deposit and it was shipped to me, she answered my questions, but she did not mention the low quality battery of the PowerBank sold to me, to be fair she offered to exchange the Powerbank for me, I would just have to send it back and pay for the shipping of the new unit. I have to make sure that the PowerBank still had the plastic (?!), they plan to resell this?! Like a pirated DVD? Ok, so I wonder if this distributor is licensed by the DTI. Just sayin’. I decided not to exchange the unit. I will not get another unit for that seller ever again. . 😭😀😠

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