Tomato Time Swap Watch: Swap Ka Na!

I have always liked unique things. That is why I became attracted to the unique colors of Tomato Time’s Swap Watch. The unique graphic designs and the full range of colors made me buy the starter set!
The starter set is comes with two straps of your choice and a face. Priced at 1,000php. I chose purple and red straps and the Wondergirl face. Too cute!

If you just want one set meaning a watch and strap you can buy the Combination at 850php. You can also buy separate classic iface or the graphic iface for 500php and straps for 350php.

I like the uniqueness of this Swap watch that you can mix and match our outfit of the day with. And for the price I say you can get one to match all your fashion style.

Go to Tomato Time Swap to select your own designs.

Until Next time!

Joeydragonlady 🐉

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