Review: Huawei E5332 Pocket Wifi

I like any other person of this generation cannot live without Internet access. I have been having problems with my Internet and according to my service provider Smartbro, it is because of the so called fair user policy. No memo or publish ad to inform subscribers about this policy which annoys me to no end, i would save my ranting ina another post. I decided to get myself. Pocket wifi. The HUAWEI Mobile Wifi E5332 is made in China. Comes in the colors black and white.

The package comes with the pocket wifi, battery, USB short cord, quick start, Instruction from the seller. it cost 3250php

For the details : go to my new site

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33 Responses to Review: Huawei E5332 Pocket Wifi

  1. Hi, I purchased my mobile wifi at and sorry I have no idea as yet how fast the post paid sim is since one reason why I got a mobile wifi open line is not to be tied to one network. I do recommend that you get a mobile wifi LTE instead of a 3G one since that is sure to be faster and Smart had started expanding their network coverage of their LTE areas.

  2. Dan says:

    Where did you buy the unit and extra battery?

  3. Kris says:

    Normal lang ba na nagbi-blink yung battery (green) even if it’s not plugged on a computer/charging?

  4. cancerdok says:

    so mas mabilis ba with a postpaid sim?

    • Yes. So far, the post paid is faster but then when I went to an area where there is one network signal is better than the other it is best to have one that is one prepaid.

      • cancerdok says:

        so ok na yung video streaming? 🙂

      • I used a Smart Sim prepaid for streaming but then smart has started their “fair user policy” so it becomes really slow after 2 hours or so. I use it to download my videos. (I live in the Antipolo Area) Globe just die in my area. It depends on which network has the strongest signal.

  5. tam says:

    How much credits am I going to top-up to have unlimited internet access for a day, week or month, say, for Globe? Appreciate your response.

  6. Dana says:

    Hello! Would just like to know what your postpaid plan sim is 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Betina Antonio says:

    I am also one of those “irritated and disaapointed” user fo Huawei postpaid wifi internet from Smartbro. I’ve been calling customer support for days and they say that they will report the issue to their network support group and that I have to call again to follow up my concern.

    I have 2 smartbro post paid account, 1 regular connection and this wifi internet that isnt helpful in my work. I got this second connection hoping that my internet browsing activity will improve. It did improved on the first few months but as months passed by the service starts to act up which is kinda annoying since my business and work are all online.

    Had I known of this “fair user policy” that you mentioned I would have gotten rid off of my Smartbro connection and instead went and apply for PLDT DSL connection or Globe Tattoo account. Now, Im stuck for another year and I have to bear using Smart’s lousy wifi connection.

    • Hi Bettina,

      All networks even Globe has the fair user policy that in my opinion is not fair to the user at all. When they say it’s unlimited surfing or using the data plan! they have the bandwidth limit. I have a Globe Tattoo sim that I use as a back up when Smartbro acts up. I also text call and flood their Twitter with complaints. When your internet service has problems, you should remember the service reference number they give you and when they fix the service you need to file a request for rebate. It is NOT much but at least you gets ow thing back. They don’t inform the client of the rebate unless you rant and complain to their customer service people. YOU demand the rebate.

      I still use Smartbro. Coz the alternative is also Mybro…also smart but thru PLDT, Globe and Sun have slow to no signal where I live. Captive tayo ng mga services nila.

  8. john mark says:

    hi.. just wanna ask if napapalitan ba ung name ng wifi and password?? and how?? the globe is so slow..!

    • You can change the wifi name and password, you can even reset it if you forget the passoword. The seller I bought my pocket wifi gave me his own instruction on how to go about it, if your pocket wifi is the same one I have. You have to insert your sim into the E5 and search for available wifi from your computer. The default name of the unit’s wireless network is written on a sticker inside the unit battery compartment with WPA encryption key. Select option to connect to this wireless network and enter password when prompted. (The password default is usually provided by your seller which you can change later.) Once connected, open a web browser and connect to the default IP address and your dashboard will be displayed. Please read the instructions from there since there are different configurations. Even if your connection is slow, you can still access your E5 default IP and make changes. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

  9. rodney valles says:

    Hi i bought mine. Is it normal when you are charging the signal from the network and wifi signal is also lit and the battery icon is blinking. Model is e5332
    But my previous pocket wifi is e5331 when i charged it the battery logo is the only one that lit and the signal and wifi is off it only turn to light when i push the botton. Or maybe i should replaced it it is still covered with 7days replacement. Until tuesday.. when i check it using huawei wifi for android ut stock in 75 % then whrn i take out the charger its down from 75% to 25%.

    • I am not sure about that question. Whenever I charge my unit only the battery blinks. The charge usually last for 4-5 hours, this is when I drain and then charge the battery in full. The 4-5 hours without turning the wifi off at any point. You should have it replaced. I had my first unit exchanged after a day because I was having a hard time with the signal. Good luck!

  10. mariah says:

    Hi, ask ko lang. Yung normal prepaid sim na naka plan pwede po kaya sa iinsert sa wifi? Tnx

  11. Kristine says:

    hi po. ask ko lng sana, kasi i bought my own pocket wifi same as yours pero black nga lng po. open line dn xa. pero hindi ko po maregister ung smart prepaid sim ko sa Unlisurf 100 or any promos ng unlisurf. since Decembe 28 D ko pa natry mgunlisurf. do you know po kung bakit kaya? kailangan ko po ba mgchange ng sim?

    • Hi,

      I usually just register via text. Using the quick menu. Like when you register you smartphone. If you are still having problems, I guess you can change or sim to a different network then try that, since you mentioned it’s an open line unit.

    • randy says:

      This happened to me have to use a smart bro sim and not prepaid. Rsb

  12. JEK says:

    Ask ko lang. How about sa downloading torrents? Mabilis ba compared sa dongle? I have a dongle and planning to buy this para malagay ko sa spot na malakas ang signal sa bahay

    • Hi, I never really tried the Bolt using a doggle, so I can’t really comment. I used this on a audio torrent via wifi. I guess it depends if you use LTE or regular 3G connection and of course the network.

  13. Sofia talacsan says:

    Ask ku LNG po sana Kung bkit d ngcha2rge at d nag o-off yung green lyt s wifi ku…anu po kya ngyari dun? Pero meron wifi..thanx’s

    • If the unit is not charging and the wifi is working chances are it is the battery that has the problem. You should have the battery replaced or checked out by the seller you bought the unit from.

  14. Cherie Gozon says:


    How can we access/know how many hours our left in our pocket wifi plan? is that possible? however, we have a different unit compared to the one you have.

    • Hi Cherie,

      I usually use the UNLI50 plan of smart or Unlisurf50 of Globe. It usually last 1 day but the data cap is still 1 G per day. I have yet to partner my unit with a post paid plan.

  15. jay says:

    ask ko lang, ilang distance range ang kaya ng pocket wifi? kasi ikakabit ko ito sa outdoor. and 4 houses ang magshe share

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  17. genenesis says:

    how many android units it can support?

  18. i forget my log in password how can i recover my password again

  19. Hello Everyone! I bought my Huawei wireless pocket wifi at last week, and my son accidentally made a reset of its wifi password. Do you know how to retrieve the password? Thank you so much

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