Review: Garnier Oil Clear Self Heating Mask from BDJ May Box (7day Challenge)

Garnier Oil Clear Self Heating Mask with Zinc is one of the Garnier products from my BDJ May Box that I found can actually use.
(Full Size) Amount: 49php. DIY Sauna Mask, Developed with clay and zinc effectively removes impurities. It was self heating action that eliminates excess sebum to unclog pores and refine skin texture. Perfect for Oil to combination skin to feel purified up to 7 days!

Apply to the T-zone(forehead, nose and chin) area and rinse after 3 minutes. Best to use once a week.

You can see that I not only use it on my T-Zone but all over my face.
*** I like that warm feeling after applying the mask
*** Easy to rinse
*** For oily and combination skin
*** one pack can last for 3 applications
*** Does not whiten
*** affordable
*** I didn’t like the smell
*** I don’t really see or feel the difference in my skin after. Maybe if I use it for a month(?)
My face forehead, nose and chin area started sweating shortly after applying the mask. I like it is taking out the impurities. Since I also put it on my checks my face was pretty Rosetta after I rinse it out.

I would probably buy this product again just to make sure my face gets cleansed and removes excess oil once every week.

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