Review: Candi Colours Nail Polish Remover Wipes

*** this is a personal review and is no way sponsored by Candi ***

Candi Colours Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Full Size: 30 Sheets
Price: 65php
This came with my BDJ April Box although I rarely use nail polish on my hands I do love nice colors on my toes. These came in time when I planning to change my nail polish.

The manufacturing date covered the instructions but it all pretty basic really.
how to use the wipes.
1. Take 1 pad and use on your nail until posh is removed.
2. Close container tightly
3. Wipes can still be used even when dry.
4. Cover the container so the pads won’t dry out.

The individual pad are thin.

**comes in a portable container that makes it less messy to use. No more accidental spills of nail polish remover
** acetone -free
** no cotton needed therefore tipid
** it would have been better if it came with a plastic tweezers to remove the pad.
** although it says that it is not messy, it is. The remnants from the remover rubbed off my hands and on my phone. It’s a good thing my BB had it’s casing coz the remover is strong enough to remove some of the paint from the casing itself!
** when the pad dries, and this happens fast, it gets hard to remove the polish. Granted the polish I used was Orly but still…
** 30 pad only….Yuka of the same company comes in 35 for the same price.

I am an old fashion kinda gal, although this is convenient and handy. I prefer using the liquid polish remover, mainly because I don’t use polish often enough to need something handy. I really can’t get over the remover being strong enough to melt the paint of my BB casing. I won’t be repurchasing.

Until next time –
Muah! Joeydragonlady🐉

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