Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

***This is a personal review and is no way sponsored by Maybelline

The buzz about Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser was all over net a few weeks ago and out of curiosity I went to buy it. Unfortunately it took a while before I could actually get my hands on this because it was out of stock. This week I spotted this at Watson at SM Marikina. It looks like a sample sized BB Cream container in a bright package.

According to the package: instantly on contact, translucent gel melts on skin and instantly erases pores imperfections, lines and creases, Skin looks instantly transformed into a perfect and smooth canvas. All day the skin is shine free, even and baby smooth, no Burden to the skin GUARANTEED. Suitable for all skin types. Mistake proof. No mirror needed. Does not clog pores. so light, you forget it’s on.

Full Size : 22ml
Price : 299php

Now this I got to see. I am not only at a age where my pores are so visible they need their own network, I also have ultra oily skin. Will the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser live up to their promise?

It’s a squeezable tube, very narrow and can fit in a small purse.

How to use:
Apply all over face or on concerned areas (cheeks and nose area where pores are prominent)
The product is gel like and melts on the skin right away so there is no need to blend.

I tried it for a week. You can see I have large pores, that’s why I usually use BB cream on. No change really.
** the product does not feel heavy on the skin and is easily absorbed
** my skin feels soft to the touch after applying the product
** lightly scented
** no sticky feeling when applying on the face
** portable
** affordable
** I needed to blot my face with a oil control film a few times a day while using this so nay on
the oil control and being shine part of their promise.
** It has no SPF and for a lady that is out all day commuting this is not good.
** I needed to put powder on my face to give it a smoother finish.
** Did not make my pores vanish but then again that would take airbrushing by a great make-up artist.
This product cannot be used alone, maybe as a primer but not on it’s own. At least for me since I need my SFP and I am outside a lot walking and commuting. It did not make my lines or pore disappear and it did not transform my face into a smooth canvass but hey, I have really problematic skin so maybe this is for someone younger and has less oily skin. But if you have ultra oily and blotchy skin like moi, better skip this one. As for me, am going to stick to BB Creams for now.

Until next time – joeydragonlady

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