Review: Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter


Full size: 50 sheets
Price: 104.75 php

Available: Department Stores and Drugstores
Since I started using make-up a few years ago (yeah late late make-up addict). I found that I can lessen the shine on my oily face with Oil Control Films or Oil Blotting Paper instead of powders. Powders I found usually clog my pores and become all cakely instead of making my skin look smooth.
::Soft touch twin layer blotter absorb 2x more versus than ordinary film blotter while keeping
your make-up intact.
Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter is a pretty new product. I use Clear and Clean ever since I can remember, but they didn’t have it on hand, so I decided to try this one.
It comes it comes in this ultra cute purple packet.

The packet has this sticker in the middle that you can use to remove the oil blotter without effort, instead of using your finger and getting more than one oil blotter at a time.

** comes in a cute purple package
** the liner at the back prevents the oil from seeping through
** the sticker helps me get just one blotter at a time big help when you are trying to save oil sheets.
** absorbed the oil off my face
** gentle on the face

** some make-up rubbed off while using this.

I liked that the back liner prevents oil from seeping through my hands even though my face is ultra oily. With my Clean and Clear, 2 sheets of blue film is not enough and will still seep through. This is a good alternative in case they run out of my regular brand and I will purchase again.

***This is a personal review and not sponsored by Kleenex

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5 Responses to Review: Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter

  1. Loo says:

    Where can i purchase this?

  2. Gis Gis says:

    been trying to look for this for the longest time ever! bought it a couple of times and it doesn’t seem to be available anymore

  3. Teri says:

    Is this made up of paper of paper or like Clear and Clean that is like rubbery?

    ~” A Probinsiyana’s blog “~


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