Review: Givenchy Rogue Interdit Lipstick #03 Blush Shine

Whenever the brand name Givenchy Audrey Hepburn always comes to mind, her awesome outfits in the 1954 film Sabrina and of course the bags and shoes of this French brand is classic and in my opinion posh and expensive. That is why I was so blown away to get this beautiful lipstick from my good friend Aileen for Christmas 2012.

I gotta tell you the first time I saw Givenchy’s Rogue Interdit Shine was awed by the package more than the contents.

This shade is #03 Blush Shine. It looks nude with glitters.
Full Size: 3.5g/ 0.12oz
Price: Free (gift)

Very very light but glittery

** The lipstick slides smoothly no need for balms
** Flavorless
** The scent smells so expensive since it’s Givenchy, there is the trademark scent.
** No need to apply Gloss
** Glitters in the light
** I feel gorgeous while wearing it.
** It’s a gift 😉
** I don’t know of any.

It’s a rare treat for me to own a Givenchy item of any kind, so permit me to gush over this one. Lol
*** This is a personal review and not sponsored
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