Spazzing over KyoChon 2013 Calendar

I was having a very tough day last Friday but this arrival arriving in the mail cheered me up. It’s my prize from the raffle Blogger and Travel Book author littlemisshoo did in her Facebook. A KyoChon Chicken Calendar featuring the Super Junior, it was an international contest that I was fortunate enough to win. I had the chance to meet her in person at her Travel to Korea Kdrama/Kpop Style Workshop and Book Signing last March. Such a generous person.

I almost missed finding out about this but thankfully one of my friends congratulated me and I saw my name in the winner list for the Philippines. I sent her my mailing address and she replied back.

It came with a paper pen! Soo cute! I love all the photos! On line they actually sell this calendar for 14.90 Singapore dollars!

Some of my favorite pages from the calendar. Sweet huh? I am obviously a Choi Siwon fan. Lol I have yet to go to the Kyo Chon Chicken Resturant in the Philippines it seems interesting enough, i also heard that they made a CF for Kyo Chon here in Manila. Thank you littlemisshoo for this! As of this blog, littlemisshoo has gone back to Korea to visit Jeju Island and I can’t wait for her stories about the Island.

Until next time

– Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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