Shoefiend at the Bazaar for all Seasons

Today I celebrate my 43rd Birthday. yeah, I never lie about my age ever. For this year, my thing was shoes. I have always been a shoefiend, always in search for the most comfy pair of shoes for my strangely sized feet. I am actually a 6.5 (37 US). 23.5cm and it has always been difficult to get the fit and the perfect style for me. I found a seller in Instagram Cooper & Morgan selling such cute designs I just HAD to go to the Bazaar For All Seasons to be held at Eton Centris in Quezon City, a two day event that ends on my birthday.
Little did I know that the events was a haven for Fashionistas and Fashion Bloggers.

The entrance fee is 50php.There something for everyone. The first thing I noticed upon entering is the eye popping colors just right for the summer.





Swimwear and Cover-ups


Cosmetics, Perfumes and Hair Accessories, Authentic and reasonably priced.

iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung fashion cases



Cooper & Morgan The reason for my going to the bazaar. I love that they gave a discount just for the last day for all the shoes making then just 500php all shoes! Plus a portion of the proceeds goes to CARA I was relived that They still had shoes my size, I got one in a size 7. Comfy and they don’t hurt my ankles! It was love at first fit!

Net25 Booth and Pinas FM

Food Booths
The Bazaar was filled with color and interesting stuff for the fashion plate. In spite the summer heat there were a lot of people at the bazaar. This was just a two day event, most of the sellers are either bloggers or on-line sellers. A perfect way to meet new buyers. The bazaar also had a raffle if you made a 1,000php purchase at any booth. It would have been awesome if they extended the event for another week. It was awesome that they had the bazaar in QC. Most of the bazaars I know of are held at MOA, WTC, Rockwell or NBC tent. I am glad there is a venue closer to my hometown and somewhere familiar. Hope to attend another one still at Eton Centris. Shoes and birthdays really go together.

My shoe haul from Cooper & Morgan Charlie Black with Red Tassel and Darla Vintage Blue, Matilda Purple and Ballerina flats from KGstylehub

Muah – joeydragonlady

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2 Responses to Shoefiend at the Bazaar for all Seasons

  1. Marilou says:

    oh, i never thought you’re 43 already! Baby face, is it? anyway, Happy birthday 🙂 love those shoes especially the pink and blue one 🙂

    • Hi Marilou. Thanks! The Bazaar was a blast. I went there for the shoes, the clothes were fabulous. The cosmetics were authentic. Hope they have something like this again in QC much closer to home. See you!

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