Review: Physiogel Cleanser

BDJ Events open the way for me to find great products that I can use everyday. Truthfully, I a bit of a tightwad when it comes to beauty products since I don’t want to make purchases I will regret I make it a point to sample a product first before investing my hard earned cash. I am not really a brand conscious person more like a price and comfort person. I have been trying out different cleansers for the past few months see my reviews here.since I started getting interested in make-up. Cleansing or the taking off of the make-up after a long day is the key to keeping our skin youthful. The sample above was part of the loot at the BDJ Beauty Social held last March 24.

Physiogel has a line of Skincare products, from Cleanser, Creams, Sun Creams and Lotions. Since I will only be talking about the Cleanser, I will only mention that here

Raffy has normal/ sensitive skin and is prone to pimples during her menstral period. I had her use the Oilatum bar and the cleanser for a week. She says it feels light and her face doesn’t itch after using it.


The product promises to repair skin ad locks in moisture for up to 3 days. Pretty tall order for someone who has experience all skin types in her lifetime. No matter how oily my skin gets it always feels super dry. I wanted to try this product to see if my skin would feel thirsty after 3 days. Been using the cleanser for about a week now. I been using it to remove my make-up and the travel grime I accumulated from my daily PUV commute.


The flyer gives info about the other products in the Physiogel line. It is the No. 1 prescribed moisturizer of dermatologist and pediatricians and safe for babies.

The Physiogel Cleanser has a gel like feel and cool to the skin when applied, colorless and easily absorbed by the skin. It has a mild scent and it easily fades when applied. I liked that I can choose not to rise the cleanser because according to Krist Bansuelo, the Physiogel Beauty Ambassador, it is better not to use water or wash our face too much because it will mess with the skin’s natural balance. I use this after a especially smokey commute from my field assignment to the office. It does not make my skin feel tight or dry after.

I’ve only ever seen one 50ml, 100ml and a very large dispenser of this product. I will definitely purchase it again and I definitely recommend it as an alternative to the oil based expensive cleansers in the market.

Muah- joeydragonlady

Physiogel is available at leading drug stores nationwide.

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2 Responses to Review: Physiogel Cleanser

  1. Jassy says:

    Hi. I’m currently using physiogel cleanser and I’m not sure if it should be used just like a facial wash? Are they the same? Just wondering because it has no bubbles. Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Jassy,. I think you should use it like cold cream to.remove make-up, it does not really foam like the other foaming ones. I know you can also use it even without water, like a non rinse make up remover. I hope my reply helps.

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