Bellas Bloom in the BDJ Box Beauty Social 2013

Last March 15, I received an e-mail from the BDJ Box, an invitation for their 1st ever Beauty Social to be held at SM MOA Atrium.
Just because it’s fun! I decided to join the promos involving this event. Facebook, Blog and Max Factor Make-over. Win or lose. My daughter said I was sooo overly excited about this event. I admit she does have a point. Although I hated commuting to MOA, I told myself that this event will be worth it.
I got my confirmation for my top two talks the Monday before the event. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

The map of the event venue! LIke kids in a candy store, I had no idea what to try first!

I am such a fan of the beauty ministry. They give out such practical tips on how to take care of my skin and hair. Look, before the event Kate Alvarez retweeted my tweet. I am so psyched Kate is one of the few beauty blogger that is KULOT like me! She can relate to my hair woes.

As one of the early registrants I have the opportunity to attend 3 talks today but alas I am pressed for time and MOA is so far away so I had to make do with just two. I would have wanted to attend one of my beauty idol Bianca Valero‘s talk since she is such an inspiration.
The two talks my daughter and I selected.20130326-221409.jpg
We got to SM MOA a little past 11 AM, we got lost. We headed for the Music Hall where the BDJ Fair was held. I never liked going to MOA but because it’s a BDJ Event, it’s a MUST to be there. We were one of the early birds.

We wandered around the Atrium for a bit before our first talks started. Daughter went straight to the Goody Booth of get her ouchless hair tie. In each booth there was an activity you can do, or a sample they would give you if you just sign-up. There were so many freebies! We also lined up to get our head shots at the Photo Wall. Off we went from booth to booth trying things out, signing up, I liked the Physiogel booth were they test how healthy your skin is with the moisture meter! I was told I had nice skin. Lol

Of course Raffy and I each went on our own to try to prep our nails. She at the Yuka Booth, where she had nail sticker cupcakes in her nails while I went to the Revlon to try their High Voltage Nail Art Neon. I got to apply the polish myself, I am bad at it but I love the bright color!

When the first talk started a little past 1pm, it was scotching hot. Maybe they didn’t anticipate how hot it would get in the Atrium, I am a bit puzzled because we were inside the mall after all, it possible that the sunroof that lets the sun’s hot rays in that got to us, the seats were were sitting in were literal hot seats. On stage the Gorgeous Beauty Ministry , Kat Dy, the BDJ Box Managing Editor Hosted the event. Nicole Romero, Tara Cabullo and Kate Alvarez were present and gamely answered our quires about skin care, make-up and hair care, this is the first talk of the Beauty Social, Beauty Questions Solved. I was touched that Kate remembered me from a message I sent her via the BDJ Box FB, I got to ask about how to maintain the color my my curly hair.
– Color Care Shampoo, Treatment , Diet, not using anti-dandruff shampoo which is harsh on the hair, using leave on conditioners and just letting your hair dry naturally. My hair is starting to grow white near the forehead, sure sign that yes I have reach the age that my daughter Raffy calls Vintage. I may not look it. Lol. Kate suggested that if I was going out I should get one of those hair color wands that temporarily colors just the hair close to the scalp. which is an awesome idea. These ladies are such troopers, even in the heat they remained poised, beautiful and gamely answered our questions. They were all down to earth and shared their own experiences during the chat with us. After the talk with them I started browsing the BDJ Box website and found more useful tips from the Beauty Ministry.

Our 2nd talk was right after the first one. Physiogel’s Krist Bansuelo gave us lesson on how to be Primed and Pretty. I honestly had no idea what Physiogel was before the talk started but I do know that a lot of dermatologist recommend this product to their patients. Krist is an advocate of simple and no fuss make-up and skin care. I love that his demo started with cleansing the face to to the point of finishing the make-up.
Here are some of the advice he gave us:
* he doesn’t follow the season colors in make-up he prefers to use colors suited to the Pinay’s skin tone.
* too much washing of the face strips the skin of this natural oils.
* find an oil free cleaner that won’t clog pores
* match the eyebrows with your hair color, if you are going to fake it, fake everything to match
* hydration is the key to great skin.
* there is no need to spread foundation all over the face just a bit to match the skin tone, best the use our CLEAN fingers to spread the foundation on skin, to set it with a bit of powder.
* less is more when it comes to everyday make-up since we live in a tropical country.
* best make-up are the ones that have multiple uses, lip/cheek tint. lip balm/color stick and BB cream and the eyebrow colors to match the hair color with the eyebrows.

We had such an blast at the Beauty Social, We even got to take home a purple Goody Bag each. Containing these these loot. Although I was excited about getting the Revlon CustomEyes Mascara, I was pleasantly surprised to get samples of Pantene Pro V Color & Perm Shampoo. Just as Kate mentioned a color care shampoo is just what I needed. Also the L’oreal Paris Fall Repair Shampoo, which is part of the BDJ Box March Box. I was pleased to get the sample kit from Physiogel containing not just their bar but also samples of the cleanser and lotion.

I also took home this prize from Goodyph

Also this Eye kit from Revlon Philippines Thank you!

I was in the market for an affordable and oil free cleanser and Physiogel is just the product to try out. I tried a lot of face cleaners, this the first oil free cleanser I ever used. I don’t feel sticky at all after rising. I will probably do a review of this product after a week since I also have Raffy trying it out as well.I bought BDJ Idea Journal, they were selling them for only at 120php! Also these Proudly Pinoy Made Products. Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes (cute packaging) and Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Super Fresh Sage Tea tree and Peppermint (smells like peppermint candy).

It was great seeing my Bellas again, Until next Event!

Thank you for your hard work BDJ Team, you always prepare such interesting and fun events for us. A perfect start to a great summer ahead.

To cap this blog, I am reposting this tweet from BDJ Box Beauty Ministry Blogger, Kate Alvarez. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  1. karen joy says:

    you got a lot of prize.. me too. i think you’re not yet in your 40s…

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