Shu Uemura Premium A/O Advanced Formula Cleansing Oil

I finally found. Product in Sample Room that I wanted to try. It’s the Shu Uemura.
I have been in search of the best and less oily make-up remover to use since I now wear make-up on a daily basis and I hate for my skin to get overly oily or heaven forbid lack luster.
There were two Shu Uemura variants available at Sampleroom but I decided to try the Green one with Green Tea and Ginko Leave extracts. This is the gist of what the product is all about.


The new advanced formula is empowered with Green Tea and specially selected Gingko Leaf Extract contains Flavonoids, recognized in Japan for strong anti-oxidant and micro circulation properties that help to promote transparency and radiance to fatigued skin. The removal of oxidized sebum, which accelerates the aging process, is the first step in anti-aging skincare. The innovative natural origin hpo system has a superb cleansing ability, which removes sebum and dramatically increases the removability of waterproof mascara and long-lasting makeup. The advanced formula leaves the skin soft, and refined for a youthful appearance.
– A 2-in-1 cleanser & makeup remover
– Dissolves impurities & waterproof makeup
– Contains Green Tea extract provides anti-oxidant benefits
– Protects skin from internal & external aggressors
– Leaves skin pure & smooth without stripping its natural oils
– Suitable for all skin types

20130310-172433.jpg – from Cassie’s Blog

This is what I liked about the Shu Uemura Premium A/O Advanced Formula Cleansing Oil:

The very light green tea scent at is fresh and clean to my senses making me feel relaxed. It didn’t leave an oily feeling after rinsing unlike other brands, no sticky feeling. I don’t need to use another face foam to was off an oily residue because there is none. There was no lingering scent after, so it will not compete with the scent of my moisturizer. My face felt fresh and clean but not tight. It is very gentle, It didn’t hurt my eyes while I was gentle using it on my lashes. One sachet of the sample, I used for 3 days ( 4ml/ .013floz) It’s the best cleansing oil I’ve tried so far, that is suitable for my oily skin.

If it becomes affordable maybe I will buy the whole bottle, it cost 5,295php. I hope they could come out with a smaller bottle for those of us on a budget.


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Details about Shu Uemura
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