A Glamourous Saturday for BDJ BOX : Beauty Soirée with Shiseido


I recently decided to invest on the BDJ Box for the 3 month period (March-May) since I’ve been curious about those boxes my Bella friends keep raving about. I missed the chance to get the February BDJ Box filled with Shiseido Goodies sigh. Now they have this scheduled Soirée with Shiseido. Chance!
Shorty after I got this invitation from Rissa of the BDJ Box. To be honest I started jumping for joy! what a great opportunity! I get to learn beauty and make-up from professionals and on top of that I get a certificate for the course I choice to attend!
I selected the two courses above. Being a newbie, I wanted to learn the basics first, and I more often than now have to travel aka as commute in the hot weather so I wanted to learn how to take care of my skin during the hot summer months. Nothing could be better than this right? Well, it got better. I got another e-mail informing me that I could bring a friend to the event! I sent a text to my BFF Chet but she is unavailable that day. 😟 Those slots were precious and I didn’t want to waste them, so I asked my daughter if she was interested in attending? Sure enough, anything involving beauty, books and food will get her to go anywhere. 😁.
So I charged my trusty camera, printed the invitations, got my pen and notebook ready for an informative and fruitful Saturday afternoon at Eastwood.

My daughter and I left Antipolo early to get to Eastwood in time for the event. I was late for the BDJ Rendezvous and I didn’t want to be Kate for this one. We arrived a bit past 10am and they were just setting up for the event. We wandered around the mall for a bit…Eastwood opens at 11am, we left and came back at 15 minutes for the registration.

The first talk we attended was Basic Beauty Arsenal, to be honest at my age, I am just starting to enjoy apply make-up hence the need for me to learn the basics. My Mom wasn’t interested in make-up, so in a way I want to get my daughter into it early.
The very beautiful Bella Karen Bordador of RX 93.1 hosted the event. Ms. Celeste Echavez Training Manager, Shiseido Philippines gave us an informative talk on how to apply liquid foundation and powder foundation perfectly. I have been applying foundation as a base for my oily skin for mons now, using the a standard foundation brush and I usually spread the foundation/BB cream on my face like you would spread peanut butter on bread but that should not be the case, the key according to Ms. Celeste is gentle patting. This is news to me since I have been doing the spreading movement for a while now…no wonder I had to use a lot of foundation before I can cover my entire face all the while I thought I had a exceptionally large face! Lol. A single pea size of the foundation is enough to cover the entire face if applied or in this case patted correctly. Dots the forehead, cheeks, and chin area and then eve go gently pat the foundation on face and then blend. I had the opportunity to use the wonderful Perfect Brush of Shiseido., it is unlike the common brush because of it’s has a slanted top with dense bristles, that can fit the contours of the face(the side of the nose). I liked it a lot. It is smaller that the usual brush I use but the bristles are soft and compact! When I used it on the model during the demo, I was impressed how easily to spreads out the foundation so I don’t have to use more. And less is always more ( use less it one tube will last you a long time). A multi-purpose to use on cream, powder, bronzers and all types of foundations, can even be used as a blusher brush! A tip for those who have oily skin like me. It’s best the use powder foundation instead of cream or liquid foundation, with liquid foundation there is this tendency to get oiler after a while. The same process applies to the powder foundation when you apply it but this time you can use a powder puff with the same patting motion all over the face.
What I learned from the Basic Beauty Arsenal Talk:
* it is best to clean your face and dry it before apply make-up.
* apply a toner to remove dead skin cells and greasiness
* use a make-up spatula when you need to remove the cream to keep the moisturizer inside the pot germ free.
* make sure that you moisturize you entire face and neck area by massaging gently. If you have oily skin like me, it’s best to use an essence type of moisturizer because it is less greasy.
* apply moisturizer to your front and back neck since it is also a sensitive area that needs care (your age also shows when you have a wrinkled neck)
* gentle patting motion and blending when applying cream and powder foundation.
* to set the liquid foundation use loose powder (using a powder brush) or translucent powder using a powder puff
* apply cream/liquid foundation before you use a concealer since you might not need it, if your liquid foundation has good coverage.
* apply concealer before powder foundation
* it’s best to just dab your face with tissue or oil control film instead of retouching during the course of the day so as your make-up won’t cake or look cracked.


I was excited about the Shiseido iPad app! Wee! To be honest I tried looking for a similar app like this when I got home after the Soirée but I couldn’t find one like it. It simulate the make up on your photo. If you don’t want to apply like 12 different eye shades or lipstick that day you can have the beauty consultant take your photo and you can try all the colors of the rainbow on your face with different products without actually putting it on. My daughter loved the app. You can ask your The beauty consultant of the nearest Shiseido branch for more details.

After the 1st talk, we had the chance to try out some of the products…I personally had fun trying the lip sticks and looking at the eyeshadow colors. There was also a 20% discount on Shiseido products for participants! Yay! My daughter also got her photo op with BDJ creator Ms. Dar and the gorgeous Karen Bordador.
The 2nd talk was about Sun Care and Summer Make-up, for someone in her 40s the sun is my worst enemy. Being exposé to it can lead to premature aging of my skin. That’s why I found this 2nd talks so helpful.Ms. Celeste showed us a video of their new sunblock product the Perfect UV Protector with SPF 50. She also let us sample it. The sunblock is a bit on the runny side like most of the sunblocks in the market today. But here is the difference. It is NOT sticky, it is easily absorbed by the skin, it leaves a powder finish. It is not oil base and it is water resistant. My daughter commented that it even covers the scar on her hand. It is mildly scented unlike most of the sunblocks I’ve come across and best of all you can use it as a make-up base! Minimal products to use! Yey! since I am the type that is tamad and gets tried of putting one product after another this is heaven sent. The Lip Treatment is also an awesome product that is water resistant since you are going to the beach after all and has sun protection as well!

What I learned from Sun Care and Summer Make-up:
* we must wear sunblock or a product that has SPF to protect our skin from UV rays.
* the sun’s rays affects us even when it is raining or the day is cloudy
* light make up is best when going to the beach
* apply a bronzer instead of the regular powder to have the sun kissed look.
* the perfect brow is not a swoosh but great can be archived if you use light strokes with pencil or powder shadow. ( best if it’s in the same shade as your current hair color)
* use a spool brush (mascara brush) to get the natural brow.
* when using pencil eyeliner, you don’t have to drawer the line all the way, you can just put dots first and then connect going in an up-swip motion.
* it is NOT simple to use an eyelash curler on another person…(I tried doing it during the demo with the model and I almost injured her!😰)
* don’t just hold the eyelash curler, use pumping motions to get a more natural curled lashes.
* zigzagging motion to prevent clumping when applying mascara and 2 to 3 coats to make and impact.
* applying lip treatment not only protects the lips from the harsh sun but also keeps the lipstick in place longer. There is no need to use lip liner
* for moreans like me, the best summer colors we should use are bright and eye catching colors like orange, emerald, aqua, tangerine.

I wanted to try this scan but I just didn’t have the time. It looks into how much skin damage we have and how “aged” our skin is. Sigh, you can go to a Shiseido branch nearest you and maybe I will to later in the week.

It was a very informative day. I also got to see my gorgeous BDJ Bella again, Rita, Ghie and MItzi and Andet! Bellas ForEvar!

Prizes for participating in the demo. A forget-me-not notebook for all the participants. A Shiseido Bag with (1) The Skincare Hydro-Nourishing Softener (used in the demo), (1) The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam Mousse Nettoyante Ultra-Douce. (1) True Eye Shadow Maquillage v1762. Thanks to BDJ Box and Shiseido’s Ms. Celeste.

Our precious certificates! Knowledge is a precious gift. Thank you BDJ Box Team and Shiseido Philippines for the opportunity!

To Subscribe to the BDJ Box: http://www.bdjbox.com
To know more about Shiseido Philippines products : http://www.facebook.com/ShiseidoPH
Follow my twitter: Joeydragonlady

Until next time! Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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