Book Launch and Workshop: Travel to Korea Kpop/Kdrama Style

I love going to book launchings maybe coz I am such a nerd and I love all kinds of books. It was on the first week of the new year that I got win of this book. By Singaporean blogger littlemisshoo. The book is unique because it’s a travel guide with emphasis on traveling to places frequented, owned by a Korean idol or actor or was a setting in a Kdrama. I have been wanting to travel to Korean since watching the drama Goong (Princess Hours) and 1st Shop Coffee Prince where I fell in love with the characters, the food and the Korean Culture. This is what they call the Hallyu wave and like every single female of my generation. So I freed my schedule on February 10 and counted the days until it arrived.20130303-161658.jpg
My daughter and I braved the MRT on a Saturday (not at crowded on a weekend but still sardine like) to go to National Bookstore Glorietta 1 to arrive 5 minutes to the start of the workshop.
While we signed up at the registration we were both given the freebies for the workshop. Sparking Mag with DBSK or TVXQ on the cover and the flyer with BnB Hero (bed and breakfast) an affordable place to stay while traveling in South Korea. The flyer came with a discount code where you can enjoy a 10% off the total bill if you book before May 1st this year.
The book came with this awesome green bag from the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).According to KTO this the Travel Kit is exclusive for those who bought the book during the workshop/book launch and is just for that day. LUCKY🐉!
You have got to believe me when I say that the Travel Kit itself is worth the trip to Makati City on a Chinese New Year.
Bare with me as I rave about the contents of the apple green bag from KTO. The Travel Kit contains the following awesome freebies:
* Korea Tourist Map
* Korea Travel Guide
* Korea Illustrated Booklet
* Riverside Bike Trails Guide Book
* Korean Cuisine Book
* Hand painted Hanbok Bookmark
I will be blogging about the contents of the KTO Travel Kit at another time. So look forward to it.

The author littlemisshoo came to the bookshop a LBD. This is the first time I’ve seen her in person although I have heard about her blog before. She looks très chic.

With a friendly smile, she started the workshop about the best way to travel to South Korea with Kdrama and Kpop in our minds. I must admit, I decided that I wanted to see Korea someday because of the very reasons she states during her talk. I want to feel, smell and taste the Korea culture that I see in all my favorite dramas. She illustrates places we can go visit if we want to plan a trip with our favorite drama shows, Korea idol or celebrity in mind. She gave tips on how to navigate, where to buy fashionable Korean style clothes and cosmetics, places owned by our favorite Kpop celebrities or their parents, who know you might encounter you a celebrity in your trip to these places. She did mention that as a tourist when encountering celebrities in their home county we should not act stalkerish. Be polite, if you wish to have photo taken with them and after thanking them walk away calmly and fan girl outside their hearing (lol).
I also learned that there are budget friendly House Sharing facilities you can book at around 80$ a day! you can do this at bnbhero.

In today’s day and age one cannot survive anywhere without wifi service. I was pleasantly surprised when littlemisshoo mentioned that Wifi is free everywhere in Korea! FREE! Whot! Whot! I love Korea more after that tidbit. 🇰🇷

The Travel to Korea Kpop/Kdrama Style book contents is categorized by Drama, Kpop, Hallyu, Variety,Others and Information. It is also divided by the all the places you can visit if you are in a area with information about the place, phone number, which station or directions on how to get the via bus or train making it easier to tour just one place in go. The book also has a subway route map that are marked with the stops in the book. A way to get around Korea using a Korea Pass.

A page from the book.

I am planning a trip to Korea to before I turn 45 and with this unique book I finally get a chance to plan my Korea trip with the Kdrama, Kpop and Kcosmetics as focus. That last part I added since I can’t very well visit Korea without looking up the awesome beauty brands now can I? If you are into Korean Drama, Kpop or just want to go to Korea to experience the Hallyu Culture and Cuisine first hand, this is the book for you. – joeydragonlady 🐉

Travel to Korea Kpop/Kdrama Style is available at all National Bookstore and Power Books nationwide at 895php.

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  1. chet peralta says:

    i declare you will be my travel buddy to south korea soon !! 🙂

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