Belle De Jour Power Planner Rendezvous: Wellness Work-up!

I have always looked forward to the BDJ Events ever since I started attending them in 2010. The first BDJ Event of the year is. Rendezvous just in time for summer. Ace Water Spa is the place to be on Feb 23. There were 3 ways to join the event and I opted for option one, which is a sure invite. I so enjoy the talks, getting awesome prizes and seeing my awesome Bellas again whom I have met thru the BDJ events.

I came in past 1pm and I was very late. I ended up sitting in the corner where the prizes are. Not that I am complaining. Thank you to the very generous sponsors!

As previously announced the witty and talented Ms.Jasmine Mendiola hosted the BDJ 1st Rendezvous of the year. Here she demonstrates basic ballet moves for game sponsored by Flipsters Ph. I personally think all the girls did a splendid job following the steps. All poised and graceful.

The first speaker is Philippine Fashion Week Designer, Ms. Vania Romoff talks about Spring Up Your Wardrobe in time for summer. What are the trends for this summer? Ruffles, Lace, Stripes, Black and White,and Cut-outs! I love that she also made it a point to tell us that fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin and not to become a fashion victim by relaying too much on trends.

I enjoyed the 2nd talk a lot. John Robert Power’s Ms. Ducky Villanueva talk Don’t Stress It Out! Stress can only be managed and it no one can be completely free from stress. the best way to handle stress? To change your attitude about the things that stress you out. Of course there are the exercises we can all do even at the office to release stress. All of us felt invigorated after the mini work out.

Snack courtesy of Ace Water Spa. My personal favorites the Pasta Puttanesca and of course the fudgie Brownie.

Ms. Lara Parpan Editor-in-chief of Women’s Health Magazine was the final speaker. A Youthful Fit . Her talk centers on taking care of our bodies. By paying attention to our nutrition and do exercise. Breakfast…MUST NOT SKIP THIS. Pilates will give you great abs. Eat 30 minutes before a work out for the body to burn fat. The more muscles you gain, the more fat you burn. Work out with a friend to motivate you to continue. Eat in moderation. There is nothing like a banana and water when you are hungry. I was so inspired after the talks that I went back to doing yoga!😁

I want to thank the awesome BDJ Team for another fruitful Rendezvous. Informative, entertaining, and just a great way to spend an afternoon. Love you guys! 😘


Thank you for the Goody Bag! Thanks to DC for my red Mobile SockSM Ladies Fashion for my 3gig memory bracelet!

To the gorgeous Bellas hope to see you all again in the next event!


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