Etude House: Real Art Cleansing Oil (Fresh)

I was in search of a great make-up remover that won’t bore a hole in my budget. I tried one from Tony Moly but alas, it just couldn’t get my water resistant mascara (Lash King) off.

As I was browsing the racks of Étude House I found this. It looks like a new product but according to the sales staff, it’s been around for a while now. Real Art Cleansing Oil (Fresh). I was recommended to try the aqua variant. It was designed for oily skin like mine. The other variant is yellow (Moisturizing) for dry skin. It kind of reminds me of Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil.

There are both Korean and English instructions. Yey! This is a good things since I hardly read hangul. Ok I have no idea what is written, and the instructions are a big help. I must say it would a big help if they also indicate in the packaging if the product for Dry, Oil or Sensitive Skin. Maybe next time.
I tried it out, I used my hands and the spout was pretty helpful so nothing goes to waste and then, i wile it away wi cotton squares. It has the consistency of oil and a fairly light scent so my sensitive nose doesn’t mind. I am impressed with how it quickly melted my water resistant Lash King Mascara, according to the description the cleansing oil is formulated with tea tree oil that can gently remove tough waterproof make-up while protecting and moisturizing skin. . Removes eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, bb cream and eyebrow.

Like : * Removes all my make-up in one go. Even Lash King
* very light scent not overpowering
* comes in 200ml and cost 678php. Not as expensive as Shu Uemura.
* readily available at the shops.
* come in an oily skin variant

Not so much : * the package it comes from is made if plastic and not biodegradable
* comes in just one size

Will I purchase again? : Yes.


That’s it for now…until next time…🐉Joeydragonlady

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3 Responses to Etude House: Real Art Cleansing Oil (Fresh)

  1. Angel Mariel says:

    Hi dear! I also use Lash King. So far, I used the mascara remover from Etude House din. Ok naman sya. It removed the mascara after a few strokes… but not in one go. -Mariel 🙂

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