TheFaceShop: Club 20 VIP Card

What I like about The FaceShop is that I finally found a Powder Pact that would be “hiyang” or suitable for my very picky skin tone. 20120604-180804.jpg
I use the NB45 and I get to stock up on my favorite powder pact coz of the promo by The FaceShop to make some of their best items 109 to be exact, affordable to young women (although I am far cry from being young). Here are some of the items 20120604-182015.jpg.
The FaceShop also launched it’s Club 20 VIP Card.
I went to The FaceShop Trinoma to check out some of the new items and I was offered the Club 20 VIP Card. The card is 150php and comes with a free travel kit that would last 5 days.20120604-183950.jpg
Here are the privileges of those who availed of the card:
* the card is non-transferable
* Members get invites to exclusive skin are and make-up workshops
* Members get VIP Passes to product launches and events
* Members get advance information on new products, upcoming in-store promotions and activities.
I thought it would be cool if I get to attend one of the shindigs since so far I’ve only ever attended one beauty shop event you can read about it here. I obviously enjoyed it. I know I still have a lot to learn when it comes to assessing products but the cool part is I get to learn so much.

The kit contains :
1 Real Nature Mask Lemon
1 Clean and Mild Special Gift Set ( mild toner and mild lotion in 5ml each)
5 pcs. E’thym Recharge Essence
5 pcs. Natural Sun AQ Power Long Lasting Sun Cream
5 pcs. Face It Power Perfection BB Cream
The Club 20 VIP Card is offered in 3 branches of the FaceShop, TriNoma, MegaMall and MOA. I am so excited to try and review the stuff in my travel kit. But for now I would probably end up scheduling a make-up session at Trinoma. We do live in interesting times! – joeydragonlady

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