BDJ Passion Series: The Great Strip-Off!

After a wonderful BDJ Rendezvous: Believe. Dare. Become. last May 19. It came as a pleasant surprise when the Belle de Jour Team posted a Passion Series to be held a few weeks after. I and I assume other Bellas scrambled for invites. How can one resist the premiss

Strip-off your inhibitions and groom yourself in our most intimate Passion Series Yet!

At the Rendezvous, I won the Strip Manila’s grand prize; The Boyzilian GC and the very cute bunny.To convince my hubby to use the GC, I want to try the Brazilian myself. To be honest I have a lot of misgiving about getting a waxed “there”. Not so much coz of the pain, I know there is some level of pain but I am more ashamed of going to The Strip Manila on my own. Yeah, I needed the moral support, so shoot me. Lol
A few days after I submitted my entry I received this e-mail. Thanks BDJ Team!
I left Antipolo City as early as 11AM. Not that I was excited, I was a bit scared that I’d end up getting stuck in the rain and not getting to Greenbelt 5 on time.
I arrived 1PM 30 minutes before the registration opened. I just hung around and became one of the three early birds to get a free Browgraphy. Means I get to have my brows shaped and have a Color Tweak (color for my brows). 20120604-221324.jpg
I get to see what’s behind the green door! It’s a really nice cubicle with very friendly Browhaus staff Maasan who explained what she was going to do with my brows. My brows don’t really look bad. I need to have it shaped since my left brow is a bit lopsided, also she suggested I lighten it to match my colored hair. I gave myself into her expert hands.
Maasan Color Tweak my brows and after that she threaded it. It’s usually painful having my brows threaded that’s why I wait a while before going to the Spa to have it done. My experience at Browhaus wasn’t as stressful. I was asked after seeing my brows if I was satisfied with the lightness of the color, Maasan said I could have it redone. I only needed another 5 minutes to wait to have it done.
I like the end result, although I feel my brows are a tad on the thin side, it can’t be helped…praying my brows won’t grow wild anytime soon.

I got back later than the two other Bellas with me. I went straight to the food! (photo credit to Lovelin Tiongco)

A bottle of wine!


Ms. Jasmine Mendiola our favorite BDJ Host and Beauty Guru hosted the event and gave us great talks on How to make an 11 second Impact,how to be secure with ourselves, Getting Up Close and Personal about Ourselves, our personal hygiene. In between were the games and revelation about ourselves….personal stuff you would only reveal to a very close friend which is what the BDJ Bellas ended up after this event. I dunno, what was in the food or maybe it was the wine I felt the Bellas really loosened up.

The event finale was Miss Monique Jamlang, the Head of Operations for Strip and Browhaus shared with us the services of the shops. Strip Manila and Browhaus Manila Greenbelt Branch is celebrating it’s Anniversary, they have a different promo everyday this month.

Browhaus Manila did a demo of the Classic Threading and a simulation of Brow Resurrection.

After Jasmine’s talk, I made up my mind to get a Brazilian. Along with almost all the Bellas we flocked to Browhaus/The Strip Manila at the 4th level of Greenbelt 5. I get to see what is behind the red door lol! True to their word the cubicles were private there was soothing music playing the the background. I saw the pots where they had the hot wax…in Chocolate, Strawberry and Lavander. My Stripperella explained that since I am a Stripping “Virgin” she is going to use the Strawberry wax on me. Let me tell you as soon as she opened the pot with the warm wax, the scent of strawberry filled the air, very comforting. The Hygiene pack I saw earlier had lots of spatulas inside, they are used for dipping the wax and there is a promise of NO DOUBLE DIPPING. Which means they can only use a spatula once. Since the hot wax is in a communal pot, it really is hygienic not to mention it assured me of no ikkk factor. It took me longer than the 15 minutes earlier mentioned by Ms. Monique, but I have no complaints. The pain was tolerable, I was surprised I wasn’t screaming and in tears from the experience…excellent. I will be going back.

I get a care card after…


The my first Stripping experience was very memorable and filled with laughter because of the great company of my fellow Bellas. Nothing bonds women like shared experiences well, other than woes about frustrating men. Lol. We bonded over coffee and tea at CBTL and chatted until 9PM!

The awesome swag from The Great Strip-Off
Thanks BDJ Team, Browhaus and The Strip Manila for another unique experience! I can’t wait for the next event!

20120605-005504.jpg. – joeydragonlady

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