BDJ Summer Rendezvous: Believe. Dare. Become.

Flyer from BDJ Facebook
I was so psyched when I received an invite from Belle de Jour Power Planner about their first Rendezvous for this year. Which I wrote about here.
The BDJ Rendezvouses are the stuff of legend, I kid you not. A lot of girls or should I say, Bellas (We refer to ourselves) scramble to be creative and honest in their write-ups to get the invites for these events. Not only because of the wonderful talks from the guest speakers, we also get to meet fellow Bellas all over the Metro and as Jasmine Mendiola, BDJ’s regular event host would say “hitick” in prizes and goodies.
This is what the talks will be about. I love how all the talks are related to one another that they somehow form a bigger picture of how we can better improve ourselves.

I got to the Rendezvous without a hitch, make because I’ve been to Ace Water Spa, Pasig before so I pretty much know how to get there.

There were different booths set up, so after registration I started looking around. There were samples of Athena Choco my personal favorite and Vanilla drinks, Carbtrim featuring their new apple flavor and the LA Colors booth selling buying take one make-up!

Table set up with the prizes for the games and raffle.
Jasmine Mendiola , BDJ’s regular host. She know all the regular attendees by sight now.
Cielo Fronteras model and accessory designer talks about Knowingthe latest looks, latest products, latest offerings or simply – The 2012 Fashion Trends what is Hot or Not, she is such a genuine fun speaker! I enjoyed her make-up demo and of course the very basic “virgin look”.
Ginny Gonzales a personality development instructor talks about juggling work and family without neglecting any aspect of our lives. DO THE BALANCING ACT: JUGGLING WORK AND PLAY I really enjoyed this talk because it got me thinking about what I should prioritize in my life and what I should give up.

Sarah Ramos, an organizational development consultant and motivational speaker gave us a boost of confidence with her 10 STEPS TO CONFIDENCE talk. We have the power to be the best person we can be. It is up to us to unleash our potential and be AMAZING. Say it with me…I AM AMAZING!

Between the talks there were games although I am not much of a joiner, being the matron that I am lol, yeah I often refer to myself as ajjumma (auntie in Korean). I got to participate because the BDJ team designed some games that would involve even those of us who were reluctant to go running..The first game I became part of was the Fitflop game where they hid a photo of the Fitflop under our seats. 5 of us won our Fitflop this way.


Flyshades sponsored the Hephep Horay game that gave 10 lucky Bellas, myself included new Flyshades. I love that it has this cute bow on the sides.

BDJ Team on the left and Bellas’ Avengers Team on the right.
The BDJ Staff are so creative. Some of the games played during the event were new to me. I mean take BDJ’s version of funny bone, where they all end up in a very model eques pose. That was fun to watch.

Of course after all the games and talk be had this nice snack courtesy of Ace Water Spa yum yum yum!!! and sweet dessert from Bizu ,mental note to visit Bizu when I have time to get a whole cake this time.

I went to the Wet & Wild booth to check out the make up. There were some really nice colors and I ended up buying these. I plan on using them on my daughter, she is usually my guinea pig.
For the raffle I won a bag from
Get Laud!.

Strip Manila and Browhaus Manila gave us a talk to promote their new Boyzilian Promo. They raffled off 5 Browhaus kits and a Boyzilian Wax GC with bunny as their major prize. Guess who won the cute bunny? I am still trying to convince my husband to use the GC when he comes home for his vacation…wait and see.

20120525-232351.jpg The goodies I took home
I enjoyed myself a lot at this year’s BDJ Rendezvous not just because of the treats I get to take home but I also get to experience fun with such fabulous women. Thanks BDJ Team for all your hard work! I am so looking forward to the next event…the BDJ Passion Series- The Great Strip-off that I am lucky enough to get an invitation.


See you there Bellas! – joeydragonlady

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