Étude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012: A Mother/Daughter Adventure

20120423-042451 PM.jpg
I marked my calendar as early as the first week of April, when I found out the first ever Étude House
Pink Fair. I blogged earlier that I got myself the awesome beauty kit. My daughter, Raphaella was counting the days until April 21-22, 2012. Finally the day came! We were at the event around 12 Noon,( registration was 1PM). They were still setting up. We visited the newly opened Forever 21 and as we came back after 15 minutes there was a loong line!
20120423-043941 PM.jpg
We should have stuck around but I guess, we weren’t the only ones excited for the Pink Fair. 20120423-044157 PM.jpgAs we waited in line I looked up and saw the Étude House Store playing the Pink Artist Videos! I never got to see all the videos, I learned a lot while waiting in line lol
20120423-044745 PM.jpg20120423-044807 PM.jpg20120423-044823 PM.jpg20120423-044837 PM.jpgThis is us having our camera ‘horing time
20120423-050329 PM.jpg
I sign the message board. I have such awful writing. lol

20120423-050603 PM.jpg
My Princess Raphaella looks very happy to be there. Her first beauty fair, and it was a great start.
20120423-050524 PM.jpg
I went straight to the games! So cool! It was pretty creative games all beauty themed. I won a 1. Bee Happy Pen at the Sweetie’s Spin, 2. Goal In! Pink Powder Spot where I got a sample of the Mineral Magic BB Cream for putting in 2 out of the 3 gigantic earbuds, haaang bigat the buds ha! 3. Who Am I? The game was the toughest yet. I didn’t win anything. 😦 I didn’t get to play the 4.Doll Me Up, super box office hit. Maybe coz the prize was SHINee clear folders!
20120423-054908 PM.jpg
Raphaella tried all the games! Doll Me Up and Sweetie’s Spin gave her the SHINee Folder and the Bee Happy Pen. She liked the Goal In! Coz of the giant buds lol.

20120423-051551 PM.jpg
Raphaella went straight to the Make-over both. There was a sizeable line there already with around 6 Etude Make-up Artist. Look at some of their tools! I personally wanted to take home the pink vanity case all lit up with all the Étude Goodies of course.

20120423-051613 PM.jpg
After almost a hour of waiting, she finally gets to sit! Look at her smile!
20120423-052723 PM.jpg
The end result made me smile. The Étude Artist look note of her age and the make-up looked so natural!

20120423-053540 PM.jpg
The food cart have all these yummy pink snacks that we both love.
Ice cream by Selecta I had the yummy Vanilla Corneto, Pink Macaroons by Tous les Jours, Pink Popcorn, Pink Cotton Candy.

The Beauty 101 started with yours truly seated at the VIP section. I bought my Beauty Kit and I registered early to be part of the first 30 to register on-line.
20120423-065228 PM.jpg
Ms. Abby Cruz hosted on day April 21, 2012 (Saturday) Which we attended.
20120423-062810 PM.jpg
Ms. Andrea Amado, Étude House Philippines Country President, opened the Beauty 101 talks. Étude House now have more than 100,000 likes! Congrats! Mr. Boram Kim followed with a talk on Skin Care, i am now positive at I have combination skin type and I am using the right emulsion (Skin Malgem All in One); LA Ferriols, Fashion Assistant of Meg Magazine, talks about the Fashion Trends anoraks! pastels! fun animals in clothes! Levenson Rodriguez, Personality and Image consultant of the Fashion Academy Manila gave us the low down on Visual Poise. I never knew that proper posture could be so painful but we looked great after!
20120423-072042 PM.jpg
Ms. Ning Hilario, Meg’s Beauty Editor gives us the make-up tips!
20120423-072951 PM.jpg
I get to practice my make up and learn day make-up shifting to night. The VIPs were also given the Skin Malgem Kit and AC Clinic Skin Care Kit! Now I know why they didn’t give out the Skin Malgem as an alternative give away with the Beauty Kit because they were giving it out to the VIPs, thank you Étude House!
20120423-073923 PM.jpg
Raphaella poses with her favourite Étude products. She is planning on what to buy next!20120423-074717 PM.jpg
I almost completed the my ticket. Raphaella completed hers. I also won a prize in the raffle. The first one. Yehey!
20120423-075116 PM.jpg
We also got a chance to pose with the cutest Pink Ride Betsy
20120423-075248 PM.jpg
Great artist, the Mime and the Pink Ballerina
20120423-075802 PM.jpg
Our day fulfilled with lovely goodies from Étude Pink Fair. I won a Pink Pouch during the raffle, Meg Magazine, Bee Happy Pen I won at the Sweetie’s Spin, the Skin Malgem Kit, AC Skin Care Kit I got as a VIP and the Precious Minerals BB Cream from the Goal In! Raphaella won a Bee Happy Pen and the SHINee Clear Folder and her Meg Magazine.

20120423-080710 PM.jpg
We hung around Meg Magazine booth, Raphaella went on-line to “like” them on Facebook

20120423-080914 PM.jpg
Our last stop was the photo booth! Habaaaa-habana ng pila! But we wanted the awesome memory of the event. So we stayed no matter how starving we were.

20120423-080935 PM.jpg
What an awesome day! I didn’t get to do everything in the ticket maybe that’s why they made the event for two days since there was so much to do and so little time. If only I had a car like Betsy and lived close to SM THe Block… a girl can dream. Thank you Étude House Philippines for a wonderful experience. My daughter now considers Étude as her very first cosmetic brand. Until next year! Expect us there!

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  1. Liezel says:

    Is this Etude House in the Philippines? Looks like SM the block.

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