Étude House: Skin: [mal:gem] Essence

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I was in the market for a new moisturiser when I spotted this at my favourite Étude House (SM MASINAG). My old moisturiser ( Olay Total Effects) left my face very very greasy, I was not happy at all. I don’t get pimples often but with Olay I had break outs. I tried the thing for about a week coz it was so expensive and I didn’t want to waste my hard earned cash. But alas, I realised that I needed to think about my skin first rather than think of the wasted money.

20120410-041620 PM.jpg
The Skin [mal:gem] line by Étude House came out late last year with Dara and the SHINee boys.

In the box it says

[mal:gem] – the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.
Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturising and pore cleansing formulas.

It’s a line of toners specifically designed for different skin types. Which for me is the coolest thing, I mean women come in all shapes and sizes it’s a given that we also have different skin types. I’m a combination skin girl (tends to get oily in my T-zone that’s the forehead, nose and chin area) myself so it’s difficult to find a good toner and moisturiser that will not make my skin dry and or oiler.

20120410-043223 PM.jpg
The box has some English direction that says

Direction: Apply emulsion to all areas to face. Pat to finish

That’s it. I guess, I have to figure everything out thru common sense or trial and error. Lol

20120410-044039 PM.jpg
At first I assumed the bottle was made of glass and I thought “oh, oh!” I am such a klutz you see, I am bound to break it even before it starts. But it turns out it’s just hard plastic. It comes in one size which is 200ml (6.76fl, oz.). It’s an All In One product. This means, that you only have to use a toner and this product after cleansing for your face. Usually, a regiment will involve a toner, emulsion, moisturiser and then cream. Duh, I am too lazy for all that and to put all these on my face?! I’d end up falling asleep! Hence just applying this product for me is enough.

20120411-113120 PM.jpg
I did a swatch test for this product. As you can see, it’s thick but not as thick as Olay. For me it’s a good thing, since I dislike applying overly creamy moisturisers. It is absorbed easily. It also has a mild scent that is not overpowering.

20120411-113908 PM.jpgbr
I tried out this product as a night cream and I am impressed.I love this product! Seriously. I usually feel oily 15 minutes after apply moisturiser since like I said I am more oily than dry in the combination skin spectrum. I didn’t feel oily when I woke up.

Pros :
* mild scent
* easily absorbed
* doesn’t feel oily on the skin
* no break outs
* the price is affordable around 600php. Cheaper than the US brand.
* All In One product, any product that is time saving is always good.

Cons :
* the package comes in a plastic bottle I would have like it to come
in one of those useful pumps.
* since it’s new, it gets out of stock, not the products’s fault but still this is a factor.

Will I purchase this again? Definitely. I may buy this with it’s toner counterpart Essential, just to see
if it’ll make a better combination.

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