Étude House: Beauty Kit Just Right For the Pink Party

20120331-084451 PM.jpg
A few weeks ago when I found out about the Beauty Kit that Étude House came out with specifically for the Playhouse event they will be having on April 21-22, 2012 I was instantly enamoured with the beautiful vanity bag designed by Annika Wester.

20120331-085522 PM.jpg it comes with this dust bag

20120331-091045 PM.jpg
The tag and the zippers are embellished to look like a lipstick and cream tube

20120331-091712 PM.jpg

20120331-091942 PM.jpg
Annika Wester is Swiss born artist, who also did the design for Étude House’s Wannabe line.

20120328-063212 PM.jpg
I was going to buy this kit around April as a birthday present to myself but i ended up buying it a few day early I just couldn’t help myself! The kit was so cute! I usually go visit the Étude House at SM Masinag to see the latest beauty products. I went with my daughter who I know love the cute Princess atmosphere of Étude House. I was shown the beauty kit and instantly fell in love!

20120331-093445 PM.jpg
Who wouldn’t when not only it looked cute on the outside, on the inside it is very utilitarian. it had a mirror and a stand.

20120331-094115 PM.jpg
It also has pockets! I mean it keeps all the pencils and tube on one side and two netted pockets, one on the middle and on the side.

20120331-094744 PM.jpg
This is what comes with the beauty kit.

1. Precious Minerals BB Cream All Day Strong #2
2. Shini Star Clear Pact #1 Peach
3. Proof 10 Auto Pencil #1
4. Look at My Eyes Apricot Illusion
5. Look at My Eyes Brownies
6. Look at My Lips #17
7. Coated Curler
8. Drawing Eyebrow #3
9. Soft Touch Auto Lipliner #1
10. Lovely Cookie Blusher #5
11.Nymph Aura Volumer #2
12. Oh My Eyelash #5
13. Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Cream

At first I was told my the sales assistants at the SM Masinag branch that the contents of the kit cannot be changed afterwards when I asked Ms. Rea Uy the Marketing Officer of Étude House told me that they changed e policy and I could exchange the contents of the kit as long as it ends up being worth 3,994php.

Yep! This beauty kit is pricy but I personally think it is worth it with the because of this beautiful vanity bag! If you are wondering if I had anything exchanged. Well I didn’t since I am currently building my beauty arsenal and I wanted to test out all the products inside. My daughter is also interested in the Shini Star Clear Pact #1 Peach and called dibs. Lol.

20120331-101411 PM.jpg
Aside from the awesome beauty bag also free with the kit are Lip and Eye make up remover 15ml, Sweet Propose Brushes ( more on that later) and a choice between the new Skin Malgem starter kit or the Aloe Moistfull Skin Care Kit. To be honest there wasn’t really a choice. The kit came with the Aloe Moistfull since they didn’t have the Skin Malgem (which is a product I really wanted to try out) available. ( sigh)

20120331-102254 PM.jpg
Also in line with the Play House Event are the tickets to the said event. Which were supposed to be two. I received only one! The one that comes with the Beauty 101 stub.

Étude House will be have experts on beauty and make-up do a VIP program for everyone who bought the Beauty Kit. You can get an event ticket another without buying the pricy but gorgeous beauty kit by purchasing 1,000php worth of Étude House Products for 1 ticket. I have to say they had me at the Beauty Bag the fun two day event at The Playhouse (they going to have it at SM THE BLOCK (North EDSA). I sent another e-mail to Ms. Uy who sorted it all out, I eventually got my second ticket. So I get to take my little princess with me!

20120331-104654 PM.jpg
Other than the beauty bag I think the kit is really gorgeous coz it also comes with the Sweet Propose Brushes. They are four (4) portable short brushes. A blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush and a lip brush the cool part it comes with a mirror too!

20120331-103509 PM.jpg
I got my confirmation e-mail!!!

A reminder to those who bought the Beauty Kit, you have to pre-register via e-mail to ruy@etudehouse.ph
*E-mail Address
*Mobile number
*Preferred Date of Attendance

Only the first 30 registrants to e-mail will have 1 reserved VIP Seat. The Event starts at 2pm but those with stubs have to register as early as 1PM.

I have only been using make-up by Étude House for 8 months, so far I love their products I am glad that Étude House is taking great care of their princesses by holding this event. I am so looking forward to it.

See you all there princesses!

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6 Responses to Étude House: Beauty Kit Just Right For the Pink Party

  1. Mauty Lopez says:

    I have a slot for March 21 too 🙂

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