Étude House BeBe Foot Mask

20120306-085829 PM.jpg

I wanted to try a foot mask to make my feet nice and smooth. I walk a lot and my feet go though a lot of pressure and damage. It would be a treat for me to give my feet a bit of a treat. This would be a series of reviews on Korean Beauty product foot mask, so stay tuned.

Étude House’s BeBe foot maskcomes in this light green sachet that I thought was eye catching. Although, this is not the first foot mask I’ve seen. BeBe foot mask is the first one I wanted to try. I would probably get Tony Moly’s and Nature Republic next unless they are out of stock.

20120306-091343 PM.jpg
BeBe foot mask, cost 128php or around US$3.00. The instruction are as usual in Korean. Mental note: I must learn to read Korean to better use their cool beauty products lol.

20120306-091511 PM.jpg

There are instructions in english although not as elaborate.
Easy and comfortable foot care sheet that makes sleek and clean feet with the effects of removing keratin, relaxing foot door and others wearing it.

1. Wash the feet cleanly and remove the moisture to wear the sheet on the feet
2. After 1hour- 1 hour and 30 minutes take the sheet and cleanly wash off remaining solution
3. After 4-6 days, the keratin is naturally peeled off and the keratin will completely peel off in 2 weeks.

Woah! I dunno what relaxing foot order means, since my feet don’t smell or sweat. I wouldn’t know. How to review that. I will try to ask my brother to try it.

As I open the package, i find that comes in two separate sock like sachets that I cut open. I followed the instructions and put my feet in the pouches. It feels very cool and a bit slimy.

20120306-092928 PM.jpg
The pouches are large enough for men’s feet. I needed to put socks over them so they wouldn’t slip off. The scent is very pleasant and not at all over powering.

After almost 2 hours of my feet soaking in the solution. It feels slightly warm. I washed the remaining solution off and found that my feet have been peeling. Hopefully the product would be true to it’s word that my feet will peel off on it’s own.

20120306-093248 PM.jpg
My foot after a few hours. It doesn’t look too bad.

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