Étude House Bubble Hair Colouring #4 Red Wine

I finally got rid of my hideous rebounded hair. I got myself a nice short haircut at David’s Salon Masinag branch c/o Marlon. He gave me a layered cut that made sure that my hair was was trimmed just so all my damaged rebounded hair got cut off.

I had my hair rebounded every year since 2007 and I couldn’t get rid of it or colour my hair since it would damage it. What I hated about rebounded hair is that I have to sit for 12 hours in a salon to have the thing done.I get to enjoy it smooth and shiny for like 4 months before my cuts peek out! Annoying! To keep my hair straight, I had to purchase these straightening contraptions that don’t work…or rather I had no idea how to use it.

I had to live for a whole year with white roots! And very very dry hair. I had enough. After going to the Salon I headed for Étude House Masinag that sells the cutest Korean Beauty products and found a box of Bubble Hair Colouring #4 Red Wine. They had Black available at the store as well but I my skin tone cannot take extreme dark colors I would look like a witch. Bubble Hair Colouring comes in Dark Brown and Natural Brown as well.

Although the sales’ lady told me how to use it but I wanted to make sure. Thankfully there is a blog by Mrs. Martinez that give a detailed instruction, which I followed to the letter.


20120208-101727 AM.jpg

The box comes with a bottle, a separate solution that you mix together, A treatment, a pair of rubber gloves and a thin plastic wrap.

I started mixing the solution in the bottle and the separate solution then the just tipped the bottle gently side to side for like 10 times. I wouldn’t advise that you shake it, since it will not form the bubbles that you need but will end up in liquid form. The bottle grew warm while I was mixing the solution but that was natural.

20120208-102304 AM.jpg

I made sure that I got a nice lather as I applied the mixture. I also tried to avoid my skin. I waited for 30 minutes. My hair got a tingling feeling in my scalp, it was a bit painful but tolerable. I observed that when the suds were not a puffy I rinsed it off. My hair became stuck together, this too is natural after I rinsed off. I applied the treatment, it made my hair sooo soft. It also smells awesome!

20120208-103144 AM.jpg

I now have very cute red hair…no more whites! I may need to store a supply of this Bubble Hair Colouring at home for touch ups but it was sooo easy!

20120208-103609 AM.jpg

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