Toys For Moi

20111227-110253 PM.jpg
MiLi Power Crystal in the adorable pink

20111227-110708 PM.jpg

20111227-110741 PM.jpg

I was only planning to go to Trinoma to pay for my hubby’s insurance in the end I started buying stuff I didn’t actually need. I saw this really cute stuff animal cum bag. It is too adorable to pass up coz it was only 149.95 php. In comparison to the stuffie bag I bought Nina that cost twice as much.

20111227-111935 PM.jpg
I bought Nina a smaller version of this speaker this year. It was a werewolf. Now this one is much cheaper at 400php.

20111227-112319 PM.jpg
I was looking for something like this since my iPod and Blackberry together seem to be in need of addition battery charge. This is pricey but it can be used by my BB and IPod, even my Nokia! I don’t have to bring 3 different chargers for my gadgets. I can only charge in full one gadget at a time. Too bad I can’t use it on my IPad 2.

20111227-113037 PM.jpg
I just can’t help myself. I wanted to get a large bear for me. It was fortunate that they sliced the price off at 50% from 399.00 bought it at 199.00 php. I wonder if they would slice the price again to 150php?

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